Oil by Cheryl O
From My Window - by Cheryl O
Oil on Canvas Board 12" x 9"
On canvas board - unframed.
$245.00 (+ tax & shipping where required)

This was painted from the clouds that were happening outside my window just before the big storm blew in on the weekend. In other words - no photo. So, is that plein air painting indoors? Not sure - but I had fun. Thick oil is just so luscious to muck about with. Today's tip: put some main shapes down with thinner paint to establish the composition first, and then add the thick paint on top.

I have something new to share with you today! Several of my art students agreed to do 'interviews', more like informal chats, with me and talk about their experiences in my art classes. Here is one of the recent ones - a chat with Kari from Kitchener Ontario.
If any more of my students are inspired to also book a time with me for a similar videoed Zoom chat, I would be happy to do that. You don't have to have taken an online course, just any art course with me. I make it easy by giving you a list of suggested questions for me to ask you, but of course you are free to make your own comments as well. These will be featured in various places. Email me if you would like to try this - thank you!

The 14 week online course that starts this September is called, "Colour & Composition" - such a dynamic combination. Stay tuned, I hope to have registration open in the next week or 2 at the most.

Happy painting everyone!
Cheryl O
Today's Quote:

"Passion is more productive
to a creative result than technique."

Robert Burridge

[True! But I hope to help you discover both. CO]
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