A Video System to Grow with You
It seems like this year has been the year of the video system upgrades. Each system has its own unique pieces that have helped each church or business to move forward in what they are able to do, not only for streaming and recording, but inside the room as well.
The video system at Mountain Springs Church had become a collection of old parts and pieces and included aging cameras that weren't able to bring the desired quality to their online environment. To bring things up to a higher quality level and build for the future, Mountain Springs Church opted for a complete system replacement. This system included new cabling, cameras, and of course a new video switcher; even new GFX inputs.  

At the core of the system, we again started with a new ATEM Constellation. This switcher is unique in several ways. Not only does it include 40 inputs and 24 outputs, allowing it to function as its own router, but it also includes active scaling and scan converting on every input. This allows a massive amount of flexibility in what sort of sources can be used in the system. 1080p HD GFX sources can be used right alongside 4k cameras and vice versa, all operating at high speed, low latency, and high-quality scale matching. The ATEM, being a switcher controlled from software or IP based hardware, could be installed in a more central location in relation to cabling and signal compared to where the original switcher system was located.  To keep things clean, we located the physical switcher in an AV closet and put all controls in a nearby room. This meant cutting down on clutter and allowing for a clean space at the operating position.

4k video requires a lot when it comes to cabling and produces some significant length restrictions. To give Mountain Springs flexibility with their camera placement, we used a combination of two types of cabling. The first is a 4k certified Belden SDI with Neutrik connectors for all our short length terminations. The second is a piece we use a lot now: fiber optic cabling. For each camera, we used a combination of Blackmagic Mini SDI to fiber converters and tactical fiber optic cabling. These gave each camera the length needed to move around for different filming positions without compromising the quality of output. We even ran a backbone of fiber optic lines to the booth for connection to their new iMac Pro and GFX key machines.

The new GFX system is driven from ProPresenter 7 on an iMac Pro and provides a multitude of different GFX outputs for use in the system. An Ultrastudio Mini 4k connected via Thunderbolt, provides a Key cut and Key fill signal providing true flexible lower thirds keying. Two other standard HDMI outputs provide a connection to full screen GFX for the main projection screen in the room as well as a stage display output. All of this provides the GFX needed for each destination whenever it might be needed and can be controlled by only one operator with no complicated master slave tie together.
There are so many options for expanding video systems to create better content and keep people connected. All together Mountain Springs has a video system built to last and with lots of room to grow as online communities’ options continue to be explored. 

The Blackmagic Design ATEM Constellation 8k has been fun to add to several projects this last year. Just the name sounds fancy and you’d be right. This item is still fairly new on the market and just one of the reasons we are so excited to use it.
This Constellation is an ultra HD live production switcher! It has all the features meaning you can combine them all to make an incredibly powerful 8K switcher. With so many input and output options, not to mention the DVEs and viewers, the constellation also offers even standards conversion on all inputs. It even has an audio mixer with EQ and dynamics. If you are looking to produce high quality streaming production on a professional level, this switcher is for you! You won’t be disappointed with its features. If you are looking into streaming options for your house of worship or business, contact us anytime. There are switchers for every size of business and AV need.
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