The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia
the isolated village of Hogewey lies on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the small town of Wheesp. Dubbed "Dementia Village", Hogewey is a cutting-edge elderly-care facility-roughly the size of 10 football fields-where residents are given the chance to live seemingly normal lives. With only 152 inhabitants, it's run like a more benevolent version of The Truman Show, if The Truman Show were about dementia and Alzheimer's patients.

Caregiving is Tougher Than Tough
Being a caregiver requires a unique kind of strength-like stoicism and inner fortitude-that goes beyond the traditional expectations of male toughness.  AARP launched an ad campaign to celebrate this strength and re-examine what it means to be tough by featuring Danny Trejo, who is known for his "tough" persona.    Read more

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Mindfulness-Based Art Workshop January 21, 2018 
This workshop, conducted in a studio environment, is designed to foster reflective practices, respite, and enjoyment for participants. 
The topic for November's workshop is:  
Impermanence click HERE  to learn more.

Don't Miss OPICA Classes in January 2018
(NOT intended for someone with a diagnosis of Dementia)
Series of four Mondays starting January 22, 2018

This 8-hour class provides health care professionals with fundamental information on dementia and dementia care. 
Sunday, January 20, 2018