A Virtual Membership Exhibit
Last week we asked members to send the art that is being created during this time of isolation. We received lots of wonderful art. We are sharing them all with you. You can also see some of these pieces in the window at Gallery One. The theme for this month is "Spring 2020." Wonderful art and thanks to Judy Davidson, a wonderful display.

Thanks to all of you who sent us what you are doing.
It's so good to stay connected, even if only in cyberspace.

You can't stroll through the museum,
but you can scroll through this email.
Seagulls and Social Distancing
-Betty LaDuke-
Some months ago, I sketched seagulls along the Oregon coast as they soared and dived against a setting sun. I never imagined these sketches would become a symbolic catalyst for my current art work about our new reality, the Coronavirus pandemic, and the necessity for social distancing.
Early March 2020, in my Ashland studio, I began with paint brush and paint to roughly capture seagulls' energy on the rough surface of three plywood panels. They completely filled each 2' by 4' panel as their wings spanned across the circular curves of the sun.
Feeding seagulls became my passion. That was my daily work process. Developing these diverse seagull forms also helped me cope with the anxieties and uncertainties we all share, nationally and globally.
With consistent feedings, my misbehaving seagulls gradually matured as a triptych while maintaining their individual personalities.
We Really Don't Care
Social Distancing Solitude
We Are Thinking About It
  Feeding Seagulls
-an outline of my studio process-
1)       Roughly establishing seagull forms against the sun background with white gesso.
2)       Reinforcing seagull energy with blue and green paint.
3)       Using a skillsaw to free the seagulls from the confines of their rectangular panel background.
4)       Deeply carving or gouging the plywood with my electric tool for an energy or lifeline for each seagull.
5)       Painting life lines bright red.
6)       Feeding seagulls layer upon layer of paint.
7)       Establishing seagull dignity by emphasizing each seagull's all -seeing, scavenger eyes.
8)       The final feeding; creating select feather patterns with many little brush strokes until the seagulls are all dressed up and ready to go!
Bob Eding
Endurance, Change, Hope, and Life
Colored Pencils and Acrylic on Canvas
Sherrill Brumbach
Snow Angel
A best friend memory
Susan Eileen Burnes
John Spetter
Vegetable Market
in Sperlonga Italy
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
John Spetter
My Two Italian Wheels
Acrylic on Canvas
Linelle Barnhill
In the Quiet
Work in progress
Nomeca Hartwell
Dark Spring
Pigment Ink Archival Photograph
Nomeca Hartwell
Pigment Ink Archival Photograph
Tony Sheets
Spinning Garden Flower
The flower spins in the wind
Made in honor of a first grandchild
Tony Sheets
Copper Repose
Work in progress
Donna Coggins
Slumped Glass
Nancy Sterling
Mixed Media
Nancy Sterling
In Concert with Nature
Mixed Media
Nancy Sterling
Just Add Water 2
Mixed Media
Nancy Sterling
Just Add Water 4
Mixed Media
Mark Coyl
Missing the Ocean
Pink Alabaster
Val Dann
Green Fields
Kim Sterling
Curves and Clouds
Digital Painting
Kim Sterling
Sedona Cliffs
Digital Painting
Kim Sterling
High Desert
Digital Painting
Kim Sterling
Digital Painting
Melody Roberts
For Benji's New Room
90% finished for three year old grandson
Jason Boutin
Ink on Paper
Darci Spetter
Reworking Horse
Mavro Coggins
Overlay Glass Art