Can I curl up in that basket, too? We wore ourselves out this week upgrading favorite sets and finishing new fall fancies. Spooks finally gave up helping me, and took a nice, long nap while I stitched away.
We unpacked the the Candy Lane Cottage, and Spooky was so excited to help me set it up. You know how he loves all our cottages! You can see why that poor dollhouse girls is laying down if you watch the video. Click here and scroll down a bit to find it.
Candy Lane Cottage by Shelly Smola
Do you see that new roof!! If you've already made the cottage, you'll know that each side of the main roof was made in three hoopings. Now, they can each be made in one with a 13" hoop! Don't worry - they can still be made with a 5" x 7" hoop if that's what ya got! 😋
Candy Lane Cottage by Shelly Smola
The floors got an upgrade, too! If you have an 11" hoop, you can make each floor in one piece! Woot! I've been wanting to add these pieces since I got my new machine, and it's done just in time for the holidays. If you already own this set, you know the drill. Download it again to get the extra designs. If you need this set (and I know you do!😉), click here to find it, see more pictures, and watch how easy it is to put together! It's on sale this week.
Candy Lane Cottage by Shelly Smola
The lollipop fences and two small trees are included with the Candy Lane Cottage, and the larger trees shown in the pictures are from my Fairy Tale Forest set. If you have your eye on the sleigh, teeny cottage, and wagon, you can find them here. They're not on sale this week, but if you want them, add them to your cart or wishlist 'cause I'll put them on sale in my next newsletter! 😋 You can see all of the Merry Mini Ornaments here.
Sew Handy by Shelly Smola
We also finished the large block from your March Gift! If you already have this set, download it again to get the new 11" x 13" block.
Sew Handy by Shelly Smola
The extra project in this set is the Handy Holder, which is perfectly sized for hand-sewing tools, thread, and more. If you didn't get this set in March, click here and grab it now 'cause I just put it on sale. Phew! All caught up! Now to design December's gift and get the quilt assembled...
I've been dying to stitch this pretty Pumpkin Placemat out for weeks, and we finally got to it. The placemat - or doily - however you want to use it - is finished in the hoop with batting, stippling, and a back. It comes in two large sizes - 13" and 15".
Two coasters (or mini doilies) are also included, and they stitch up so quick it'll make you fall in love with these fun in the hoop projects! Tee hee! I think I've been sewing too long this week. You can find this new set here.
Whether or not you're traveling this holiday season, whip up some cute fall tags! The airplane, suitcase and acorn will look fancifall on book bags, backpack, purses, coats, luggage, gifts, or even hanging on a tree! The vinyl window can hold a name or picture. The November Tags are on sale this week, too, and you can find them here.
Elves at Play by Shelly Smola
What? 19 Days till Christmas?? Just kidding! There's still lots of time to make the Elves at Play calendars! They're still on sale, but only for a few more days. Click here to find them.
Spooky and the Candy Lane Cottage by Shelly Smola
I hope you have a wonderful week getting ready for Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading!

Shelly and Her Little Elf
Couldn't resist - more of my "winter flowers" (tee hee) are starting to open! Isn't this camellia just the perfect shade of pink!