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Thank your team with a useful gift

"I appreciate you. I value US as a team. This book is fun to read and super-useful for work, home, wherever."

Haha. I'm writing the card for you! Just planting ideas.

Publishers Weekly called it
“... a practical-minded guidebook for what it takes to find success in teams, boards, organizations, and other groups, public and private...not just for leaders and managers, but for any individual who has a desire to contribute positively to their group, community, or team.”

TOGETHER WE DECIDE is an Amazon Top 10 Bestseller in several categories.

Volume discounts here Or contact me directly.

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One minute of terrific advice on how to converse

In this 1-minute segment, Tania Israel doesn't really talk about how to win a political argument but rather how to first build rapport with your adversary.

In a few different ways she basically says: "people don't hear until they are heard." That before someone will care what you have to say, they first need to know that YOU care about them.

And she explain the importance of compassion. And how there are two parts to compassion. And that you have to actually do the second part which is to demonstrate that you understand.

I wrote a related one-page Tip called Demonstrate Listening. And here's a video I made called Listen to Your Enemies.
This Month's Free Training

Looking for a Flash Course on Meeting Facilitation?

This is it.

In this session I will provide basic training on how to plan, run, and follow up on a really great meeting.

As part of the session we will have a little talk show. I will invite a few people from the audience to be my special guests! Maybe YOU if you want. And of course I will take your questions about all aspects of meeting facilitation.

After the session I will provide each participant with Handouts, Highlight Notes, and links to Resources.

Whether you are an expert group facilitator or just exploring, I hope this session is really interesting and valuable to you. Bring your curiosity.
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Every Fourth Wednesday of the Month
1pm, US Eastern Time
FREE. Just 50 minutes.
Hosted by me. Enriched by you.
How to get started in facilitation
This is a question I often get asked.

The International Association of Facilitators has some answers:
  1. Volunteer
  2. Co-facilitate
  3. Experiment
  4. Network

Read the whole story here with more tips on how to get started as a meeting facilitator.
Help me grow my business?

Folks, I'm still looking for a business partner or contractor to help grow the business and increase the impact of this work.

I'm especially looking for expertise in (1) making self-paced eLearning modules based on my content, and (2) marketing Together We Decide and Good Group Decisions services. I think there's money to be made and good work to be done in a world that needs more collaboration.

I'm open to creative compensation based on sales. And I'm open to sharing ownership. Please reach out if you want to help groups make good decisions.
To Help You Get Along
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