A Weekly Jazzonian e-Newsletter
 November 20, 2017
A Few Jazz Notes

...is a jazzonian e-newsletter published weekly unless the author is somehow incapacitated. It details the thriving jazz scene in Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding Chattahoochee Valley, written exclusively by
Rusty Taylor, the jester-singer for the vocal jazz band Southern Standard Time
Salutations Fellow Jazzonian,

Greetings!...Welcome to your weekly excursion into the ebullient world of playful rhetoric sponsored by the words demagogue, dichotomous, and pernoctate:

  • demagogue is a noun - A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
  • dichotomous is the adjectival form of the noun dichotomy, which means: A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.
  • Pernoctate is a verb - 1. To stay up all night. 2. To pass the night somewhere.

The unqualified demagogue pernoctated alone, sitting on his golden throne while eating six emetic McRib sandwiches, three large fries, an even dozen hot apple pies, and a large Coca-Cola (that is brought to him after he pushes a large red button that is used exclusively by the prodigal agitator to procure a Coca-Cola whenever the button is pushed) from McDonald's while texting about how great his administration is despite accomplishing very little save dividing the country into dichotomous factions.

* * *

Happy Thanksgiving. It truly is my favorite time of year; not too cold and not too hot, and it probably comes as no surprise that I love Thanksgiving. Yes, I simply love to eat... and sleep, which is so easy to do when the tryptophan kicks in and knocks my fat ass colder than a mackerel so that I'm watching television with my eyes closed and my chin driven into my chest. I'm also welding a cowcatcher onto the front of my wheelchair, which will make going shopping on Black Friday much more enjoyable for me. If you happen to hear a painful howl followed almost immediately by raucous laughter, then I tagged an obnoxious shopper with wheelchair vengeance... or an bibulous Santa.

Enjoy the newsletter...
Groovy Upcoming Events
  • Wednesday, November 22 – John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring: Meeting of the Spirits starts at 7 pm at Atlanta Symphony Hall. Fo' mo' info, click here.
  • Friday, November 24 – Dave Koz at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Koz plays instrumental pop covers and some upbeat tunes, and generally sticks to the fusion production formula: background vocalists, synthesizers, and drum machines, a minimum amount of solo space, and so on. Fo' mo' info, click here.
  • Sunday, December 3 – The Hot Club Of Atlanta at Venkman's. Fo' mo' info, click here.
  • Friday, December 8 – Symphony Hall in Atlanta presents Wynton Marsalis in concert starting at 8 pm. Fo' mo' info, click here.
  • Thursday, December 5 – Ted McVay and Rusty Taylor will sing a set of Ted's original songs at Tavern on Main, sponored by the Columbus Songwriter's Guild. It's not jazz, but there will be interesting harmonies.
  • Friday, December 8 – Kamasi Washington at Variety Playhouse. Fo' mo' info, click here.
  • Sunday, December 10, 17, 21-23 – David Ellington's Peanut Gallery Presents A Charlie Brown Christmas At Venkman's starting at 6 pm. Fo' mo' info, click here.
  • Monday and Tuesday, December 18 and 19 – check starting time – A Charlie Brown Christmas Live is sponsored in part by the Columbus Jazz Society. Click here. fo' mo' info.
  • Friday, December 22 – Southern Standard Time (my band) will play a vocal Christmas Jazz program for the third straight year at The Loft in downtown Columbus, GA. Free Admission, so if you are downtown from 7-9 pm, come on in from the cold, order a hot beverage, and listen to some groovy Christmas Tunes.
  • Friday, December 29 – Southern Standard Time (my band) will play vocal jazz at the Eighgth and Rail in downtown Opelika, AL from 8 'til midnight Central Time.
  • Sunday, January 14 – The Glenn Miller Orchestra begins playing at 3 pm at Spivey Hall in Morrow, Georgia. Fo' mo' info, click here.
This Week at The Loft
Columbus, GA's Weekly Home for Jazz

This Friday, November 24, The Loft's weekly jazz concert features Brazilian saxophonist Paulo Shakida, who will take us on a magical musical journey filled with Latin influences. I tried to find info on the performer on the Internet but found nothing. I am excited, however, because I truly dig the polyrhythms of Latin-influenced jazz; it makes me dance like Gene Kelly... in my mind. The Loft is a truly groovy venue with an excellent bar and menu, and the staff are helpful and friendly, so come on out of the cold... or cool... or warm--one never knows what the weather will be in the deep South in November, but you're welcome nonetheless. Hopefully, I'll see you there.

Upcoming Schedule :

  • Nov. 10 – The Schwob Jazz Orchestra. Dr. This is the CSU Big Band and will be performing in the Loft Music Hall (or Green Room). Kevin Whalen director.
  • Nov. 17 – SnakeBite 6. With this band its always Mardi Grass.
  • Nov. 24 – Paulo. Brazilian saxophonist, Paulo Shakida and his band will take you on a guided tour of Caribian and Brazilian music.
  • Dec. 22 – Christmas with Rusty Taylor and Southern Standard Time
Last Week at The Loft
Columbus, GA's Weekly Home for Jazz

Last week's featured jazz combo was Snakebite Six, a Dixieland band that swings with the excitement of Glenn Miller. Joining the sextet of musicians, local jazzonian icon Jan Humphreys Hyatt thrilled the audience with her dulcet vocal prowess that shamed downtown songbirds to silence. There's really little to say about the dixieland combo other than they will always leave you feeling as giddy as a prepubescent child's hugging a teddy bear right after it comes out of the dryer. Can't wait to hear them again as soon as possible.
Jan Hyatt
Weekly Area Jams
Eighth and Rail
Every Tuesday 7 - 10 pm CT
The Eighth and Rail in historical downtown Opelika, Alabama is the venue for a wildly groovy weekly jazz jam as hosted by the Jane Drake Jazz Band. It's a cozy celebration of life that has become a buzzing collection of jazz-loving fanatics gathered together in a coterie of peaceful, fun-loving positive energy. I am downright proud as a peacock with enhanced LED-flashing feathers to participate in the jam on a regular basis, and I really love it! Proprietor Mike Patterson makes the wonderful sushi and Miss Tiffany keeps the affable atmosphere at a lovely level of emotive satisfaction. Plus... they serve an awesome cheesecake that'll make you wanna slap yourself so hard as to tell horrific knock-knock jokes to mimes. No lie. We have really talented musicians come in from the bi-state area: Auburn, Montgomery, Tuskegee, Columbus, LaGrange, Fort Valley, et al. The jam begins at 7 pm and ends at 10 pm CT. Hopefully, I'll see you there.

Eighth and Rail
Venkman's Jazz Jam
Every Tuesday starting at 8 pm ET
Venkman's is a nightclub in Atlanta, a venue that Joe Gransden uses for his weekly jazz jam. This is where the Who's Who of the Atlanta Jazz Scene come together to dazzle us mortals. It's free and starts at 8 pm ET. Fo' mo' info, click link below. I've participated in this jam a couple of times, and I love it as well. Joe Gransden always welcomes me with a smile that will melt antarctic glaciers in the middle of winter, which, oddly enough, is during June through August... when it's so hot and humid in middle Georgia that my toenails sweat. Nevertheless, Joe's band often includes keyboardist Kenny Banks (sometimes Kevin Bales), drummer Chris Burroughs and bassist Craig Shaw, and these cats kick it. When I find the transportation, I'm going.

Red Light Cafe Jazz Jam
Every Wed at 8 pm ET

I have not been to the weekly jazz jam at Red Light Cafe, but it is hosted by the Gordon Vernick Quartet, and I am a huge fan of Gordon's, so I'm planning to go soon, and when I do... Ha! I'm very likely to get excited. Fo' mo' info, click here.
Apache Cafe in Atlanta
Every Wed at 9:00 ET

Al Smith's Midtown Jam Session @Apache Cafe!  Contemporary Jazz , Soul, R&B vocalists jam Session. Featuring live band led by keyboardist Al Smith! Vocalists are invited to sign the list and jam with the band, musicians can sit in too... a must attend! Different Dj spinning on the back patio each week! SPECIAL GUEST HOST EVERY WEEK! Doors open at 9pm and list-sign up is at 9pm. Event admission, the day of, at the door, is CASH. Fo' mo' info, click here.
1048 Club in Montgomery
Every Sun at 9:30-12:30 CT

The 1048 Cafe is in Montgomery, AL. The weekly Jazz Jam led by Sam Williams, 9 pm CDT, $5 cover. I don't really know that much about it, but the 1048 has a jazz jam every Sunday from 9ish 'til whenever. Apparently the jam draws some incredible musicians. Fo' mo' info, click here.
Piccolo's Lounge, Auburn

It's not a jam, but the Piccolo lounge offers a comfortable, clubby environment. Leather club chairs, a cozy fireplace and comfy banquettes serve as a relaxing getaway. Enjoy a single malt scotch and relax and unwind from a hectic day or meet friends to hear live jazz every Friday and Saturday night, of non-home football game weekends. Fo' mo' info, click here.
A Little Lunch Music at Jule Collins Smith Museum, Auburn University
On Thursdays at Noon, make a lunch date with our region’s finest musicians. A Little Lunch Music is an informal, come-and-go performance presented by JCSM and coordinated by musician Patrick McCurry. You can sit in and listen to the entire performance, dine in the Museum Cafe from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CT, browse the Museum Shop or explore the galleries.
  • November 2 - On Thursday, October 19, from noon to 1:00 pm, the series will present a free concert by Plains 2, featuring trombonist Matthew Wood and pianist Joshua Pifer.
  • November 9 - Clarinetist Patricia Crisp with pianist Beibei Lin
  • November 16 - pianist Vijay Venkatesh in collaboration with Emory Chamber Music Society of Atlanta
  • November 23 - No concert... it's Thanksgiving
  • November 30 - classical guitarist Kevin Manderville
  • December 7 - hornist William Shaffer with pianist Joshua Pifer
  • December 13 - The Auburn Music Club Singers

Jazz Association of Macon
We Promote Jazz in Macon
and Middle Georgia
Our purpose is to:
Encourage and support creation, presentation, and preservation of jazz music.
Support the creation of new audiences for jazz music.
Provide education and information about jazz.
Encourage young musicians to learn and appreciate jazz.
Develop a network among local and regional jazz advocates.
Increase awareness of jazz events and musicians in our community.

To read their blog, click here.
Area Musicians
Actually, this is a link to a page of my personal website, but it makes it much easier t maintain. It is a dynamic list of area musicians that will, hopefully, be continually updated until I can no longer do it. If you are a musician who is not listed or you are listed but with invalid info, please let me know, and I'll make the appropriate revisions. Thank you, and click here to visit the link.
High Museum of Art: Atlanta Jazz
Live jazz in the Robinson Atrium at the Atlanta High Museum of Art every 3rd Friday of the month. Fo' mo' info, click here .
On-line Radio
  • WCUG 88.5 Cougar Radio - Columbus State University.
  • KUNR 88.7 Reno, Nevada.
  • KNCJ 89.5 Reno, Nevado. (I listen to this station on Saturday evening from 9-1 a.m. ET to catch Saturday Night Jazz hosted by Scot Marshall and Dallas Smith.)
  • Saturday Night Jazz hosted by Scot Marshall and Dallas Smith (Columbus, GA native) - Scot and Dallas bring their rich musical experiences together in "Saturday Night Jazz" to feature music which ranges from the latest releases to jazz classics and occasional recordings by local artists, as well as announcements of upcoming local jazz events in the Reno-Tahoe area. "Saturday Night Jazz" is supported by the Reno Jazz Orchestra and For the Love of Jazz.The program airs every Saturday evening from 1pm-10pm Pacific Time.
  • WCLK 99.1 Atlanta's Jazz Station, Clark Atlanta University.
  • Adore Jazz - Adore Jazz makes listeners relax, feel, think and smile through listening to the finest vocal jazz.
  • WTSU 88.9 Troy State University - Ray Murray's Jazz Radio Show Saturday nights at 10 pm Central Time.
  • WVAS 90.7 Montgomery - Jazz, Blues, News, and views.
Video of the Week
De-Von-Tré (Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd) wishes President Barack Obama would come back.
Christmas Music by Area Musicians

Some area musicians have recorded Christmas music. Simply click on the cover art, and the link will send you to a magical, virtual store where you can buy the music. If I've missed an area musician who has recorded Christmas music, let me know and I'll include it here. Support local musicians; otherwise, Santa will leave you coal in your stockings.
Pat Trudell
One Silent Night
Annie Sellick
Let's Make A Christmas Memory
Joe Gransden
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Memories of Columbus Jazz

Memories of Jazz
The History of Swing and Jazz in the Columbus, Georgia Area
From 1940 — 1980... Who played... Where they played
by Gene Kocian

Memories of Jazz is written in four sections, a section of anecdotes, and an index. The first section of the book is The Dancing Styles, written from the recollections of Warren Clayton, Jimmy Fuller, and Gene Kocian, who record their memories of the different music eras starting with the late 1920s through the 1970s. A photo of guitarist Warren Clayton smiles broadly from the chapter's title page.

 The first section of the book, as its name strongly suggests, initially concentrates on the types of dancing during the author's lifetime beginning in the early 20s when square dancing was popular. A bit later saw the introduction of round dancing, ballroom dancing, and the two-step was the rage. In the late 20s, the Roaring Twenties of flappers with miniskirts and a libertine social acceptance of a more lax morality helped the Charleston and the Big Apple to set the dancers of the day to aggressively gyrate their twisting torsos on shuffling feet. 

Dance-A-Thons ubiquitously popped up in the larger cities of the 30s, contests of attrition in which the last standing couple won cash prizes. The Jitterbug helped the youngsters of the Great Depression forget their quotidian penurious distractions to gaily dance the night away. Slowly, ballroom and Latin style dances assimilated into the nightlife. Time must've flown for these musicians because the author abruptly jumps to the late 1960s:

In the later sixties, dancers created the very modern styles of dancing that prevail to this day and seem to have little rhyme or reason, which are commonly known as disco dance. However, the older style dancing is still going very strongly and it is felt that it always will.

Part One ends rather abruptly, but it is a concise introduction of a national snapshot before the more assiduous detailing of the author's main objective: to highlight the music scene in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia. Hot damn; this is getting excting. 

 Peace Through Music 
It seems that the time has flown since I began typing this week's newsletter, and the time has come for the library to close, so I gotta go. I hope you have a good week filled with jazzonian goodness.

Peace Through Music