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Wesak 2012 with Selacia & The Council of 12  
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Selacia's Council of 12 Wesak Message

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 Wesak Season is Here - Come Celebrate with Us!

- Connect with the Ascended Masters 5/5 & 6/2 -          


Buddha Wesak  

Wesak - Its Importance in 2012              

How You & Humanity Will Benefit from the Wesak Blessings   


A Council of 12 Message from Selacia  

Right now, the annual Wesak blessing energies are building, the enlightened Masters assembling and connecting with humanity. The great ones like the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin will be with you more tangibly again this season. At Wesak celebrations worldwide, you will be able to sense their presence and receive their wisdom.

The weeks building up to and following Wesak traditionally carry a very high potency. If you become still and invite in the blessings, you may feel them even now. During 2012, the auspicious Wesak blessings are magnified. There is also a different energy theme this year, for this June is the time of the Venus transit - a planetary cycle that typically precedes great shifts in consciousness.

The June 2012 Venus transit is part of a long progression catalyzing the return of the divine feminine on the Earth. The return of the feminine is vital to the birthing of a new type of world based on love. The conventional world you live in now - rooted in old paradigm ways - is fear based and exclusionary. That world is falling away - fast.

These times are the culmination of a very long journey for humanity. During this year,  you will have an opportunity to see the fruits of your steadfast efforts. All of the trainings you have had in times past ... all of the struggles you have endured ... all of your dedication to the path of spiritual transformation - from these things you will begin to see a substantive shift. As you personally become more loving and joyful, you uplift everyone around you. As you truly understand and live your oneness, you help the whole of humanity to do the same.

You are in the midst of a revolutionary undertaking, participating in a mass awakening of humanity across the planet. You came to be a key player - a divine changemaker. This was to be no small task, but you had preparations and you were willing to take the risks to join this experiment. A wise part of you knew that at crucial points along the way, you would connect with reinforcements of divine energy, helping you to dismantle obstacles and to see your existence with clarity. You knew that Wesak was one of those times when you could connect with an expanded level of spiritual fuel. 

Allow yourself to connect with this year's Wesak blessings. Set your intention to receive fully from this season. Surround yourself with others who, like you, are on the path of enlightenment. Decide today that you will take advantage of the opportunities for accelerating your awakening - opening to all that you can be and helping to create a loving world.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2012 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved *

Below are Himalayan Mountains in Tibet - during Wesak celebrations we experience a guided meditative journey to the sacred Wesak Valley in Tibet. This is an opportunity to connect tangibly with Masters like the Buddha who showed us the path to enlightenment. Come join us this year with the link here!   



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More Info & Wesak Registrations

The Buddha


Wesak Global Meditation Events * May 5 & June 2
with Selacia & The Council of 12 

The annual sacred Wesak season is just around the corner - you won't want to miss this year! Wesak is a most auspicious time - we celebrate the Masters who already achieved enlightenment and we have tangible energetic experiences with them too. Wesak is really a celebration of enlightenment for all - for each of us is encoded at a DNA level to be enlightened at some point along our journey. Indeed, we have never had such opportunities for enlightenment as we do in this very lifetime.

Wesak Registrations

I enthusiastically invite you to join with us for both of our events outlined below and on the website. Please do register early so we are sure to have space for you. It's going to be magical!

About Wesak:
Wesak is a sacred festival that takes place annually on the "inner planes" during the full moon in the spring. For centuries, it has been a time when Ascended Masters including the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin bestowed transformational spiritual energies upon the Earth. Great expansions of consciousness are possible because of the blessings of the Wesak! The etheric celebrations are headquartered in the sacred Wesak Valley in the Himalayas of Tibet.

During our May 5 Wesak event, The Council of 12 will facilitate our journey to the Wesak Valley during a special guided meditation for all registered.

By participating in a Wesak celebration, you have an opportunity to connect with high-vibrational spiritual energies which are not otherwise easily available.

Since 2000, I've offered Wesak events with The Council of 12, one time in New York in tandem with speaking at the United Nations SEAT.

Wesak is always a unique and powerful time, and during this 2012 window, the blessings and opportunities are greatly magnified.

This year we have 2 Wesak events:
�    May 5 Wesak with the Ascended Masters - including a Council of 12 guided journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet
�    June 2 post Wesak to anchor Wesak blessings, interact more with the Ascended Masters and also celebrate the Venus Transit, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Come join us and our global community of divine changemakers for these special healing events with The Council of 12. Receive potent healing for yourself as you join with others across the world to cocreate a healing for the planet.  

Ways to attend:
In person on site in Santa Monica
From anywhere in the world via skype or phone with bridge line 

5/5 Wesak & 6/2 Post Wesak Registrations
: 6:30-8:30 pm Los Angeles time - via phone or free skype-to-skype
On Site:    5 pm check-in, 6 pm start, 10 pm end - in the Los Angeles area
mp3:        all registrants receive mp3 audio recordings after the event 

More info and Wesak registration

Wesak Crystals Website
Council of 12-Energized Tibetan Wesak Quartz Crystals
Each Energized with 2012 Wesak Blessings

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