Sending love this Winter Solstice
to our elders
Winter is a time of inner reflection, sinking back to our roots, and turning to our ancestors, elders and grandparents as they share their wisdom.

This year it's hard to be separated from the elders in our lives. We miss the intergenerational connection, the passing-on of rituals from our tradition keepers, and the joy of sharing stories.

Dance Storytime with The Very Hungry Caterpillar
While distanced, dance can be a way to reach out to our elders. Invite a grandparent to read a story over Zoom, and kids can dance the story back to them. Or play a Zoom mirror game together, taking turns leading each other through a dance. Or send short clips of you dancing to an elder, asking them to continue the dance phrase and send back to you. Check out our video clip for a dance storytime example, or just to see kids dancing with delight.
Wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice from all of us at Luna. May you savor the quiet of the longest night of the year.
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