A Wish List for Father’s Day 2020

Today, on Father’s Day 2020, I have a few wishes for all those who are fathers and for those who will be:

May you father a better world with justice, equity and joy
May you protect your homes and keep our planet  safe and healthy 
May you respect and love deeply the partners with whom you create new lives
May you be a true partner and carry a full share of the sweet load
May you be in awe of your children’s beauty and burn with pride with each of their steps
May you always be there supporting them, comforting them, guiding them
May you see yourselves as an army of good men, a storm of angels defending all life
May you be fathers to all children
May you be there for your neighbor’s child
May you march on the streets for the lives of others
May you be strong protectors of oceans, lands, and skies
May you be true fathers
My best,
Gayle McLaughlin
Former Richmond Mayor 2007-2015
Richmond City Council candidate 2020