In honor of Women's Oral Health Month, our newsletter is packed with some great information about the link between female hormones and dental health, how gum disease affects a woman's body and ways you can take years off your smile with a few simple treatments!

Plus, our patient highlight this month follows Jackie’s story about her failing bridge and how Dr. Elizabeth helped her with a healthy new smile!

At Eggert Family Dentistry, we know how important a woman's health is. If you or a special woman in your life have oral health concerns,   contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth or Dr. Jeff or call us at 651.482.8412 today.

Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Jeff Eggert

Replacing A Failing Bridge – Jackie’s Story
Jackie had been a long time patient of Dr. Furey. The first time she saw Dr. Elizabeth, it was for a severe toothache. Unfortunately, the ache was coming from the progression of decay on her upper front teeth that were the anchors for her bridge. Saving the teeth wouldn’t be easy, but to do so, Jackie needed root canal treatment and a new bridge.
The Serious Nature of Gum Disease in Women
Female Hormones and Dental Health
Complications from gum disease can look different for men and women. For our female patients; here are some of the best methods of preventing serious health problems.
Did you know that the fluctuation of a woman’s hormones throughout the many seasons of her life greatly impacts the likelihood of developing gum disease and other serious health conditions?
Take Years Off Your Smile
with these successful treatments
Year after year our teeth endure a tremendous amount of abuse so it’s not surprising then that they manifest signs of wear and tear. Check out some common issues aging teeth often encounter…and some effective solutions that Eggert Family Dentistry offers!

February Wonder Woman
We recognize Lea as our February Wonder Woman! Lea is always willing to help all of her teammates! Candy described her the best by saying Lea is a "Jack of all Trades!" She’s a fun teammate to have in the office and doesn't shy away from taking on challenging tasks!

Lea is dedicated to her patients and is always working to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of their oral health. She does a wonderful job of getting to know her patients and uses her 20 years of experience to provide top notch care. Congratulations to Lea on your well-deserved award and thank you for your hard work and dedication!