Clean water for God's thirsty children
A Message from Sister Larraine:

Honduras Pilgrimage: It's All Blessing

It's always a blessing to spend time in Honduras with our wonderful team there. It was a week of great conversation with many open-hearted people who will be instrumental in our plan for significant growth in our mission, in Honduras and around the world.

For me, Honduras is always a place of spiritual pilgrimage, a holy place where we can encounter Jesus among his faithful disciples and among the poor.
Please watch this short film staring Karen. This young mother has just received a lifetime Sawyer water filter, a gift of great material wealth for her. She shares an amazing moment with her daughters: the very first time she has been able to offer them clean, safe water to drink.

As a Water Woman, she's willingly made a serious spiritual commitment to filter water for her neighbors. Her new material abundance is a means for expressing her joyful "poverty of spirit" -- her readiness to share with an open, grateful heart.

You can see evidence of that spiritual gift in her face. I hope that, like me, you find Karen to be an inspiration for your own spiritual path to true poverty of spirit.
Our success in Honduras and 47 other countries is because many people like you and Karen have responded to Jesus' teaching; finding joy in sharing from their own abundance and even from their want.

Next week, I'll have another inspirational video: our Honduran Water Teachers have a special message for you!
I often reflect on Jesus' beatitude teachings during my morning prayer. They begin with "how blessed are the poor in spirit..." Over the years, I've read and heard many interpretations of that teaching, which confounds the ways of our world.

In Honduras, as in all the countries where we serve, we find examples of the truth of that teaching at every turn, set in stark relief against the material poverty that our society believes to be bereft of hope. We who have no material wants can only find the secret joy of this teaching when we can truly give from an open heart.

It is the poor who love Jesus who are our great spiritual guides.
A Reminder for Our Louisville Area Friends

Two opportunities are coming up to support  Water With Blessings Party for a Cause  and the  Middletown Market Valentine's Edition . The information can be found above and below.

Please come join us.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?