There's much more to auto parts recycling than meets the eye.

Over the years, the harvesting of parts from otherwise unuseable vehicles has become a very sophisticated process. Trained Mechanics work like Surgeons to remove today's delicate automotive components. Parts like ECU's (engine and chassis computers) can't just be yanked out. They must be carefully extracted to insure they will live a long and productive life in the next vehicle they're installed in. Most of today's parts have to be removed AND installed by trained professionals in order to work and work well.

Here at Chuck and Eddie's each Mechanic treats every part as if they were going to use it themselves. Great care is taken in removing, inspecting, and packing each part for shipment.

Recycling addresses today's concerns about our environment AND our finances. Responsible auto parts recyclers like Chuck and Eddie's play an important role in both areas. Every part of an auto is recycled; never discarded in a way that would be harmful to the environment. Parts harvested are sold for reuse at a fraction of the cost of new parts. The rest of the vehicle is processed and the metal, and other materials are reused to create new goods of all kinds.

Auto Recycling really is an art. An art that benefits us all. Thanks so much for being a responsible Chuck and Eddie's customer!

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