January, 2014
  • Feb 2, a Special Day!
  • Bolivia and Peru April 23-May 9, 2014
  • Next Gathering and ENGLAND!!
  • Soul For Olympians!!
  • January Message from the Angels, Lee Cook

February 2 , a World Wide Celebration!

sun on snow
As the first month of the year comes to a close we start looking towards February. All around the world, people celebrate the day of February 2! Down here in Mexico where I currently am, the indigenous Nahuatl people believe that it is a special day. Based on their sacred geometry, mathematical and planetary knowledge, they have calculated that this is the precise day when the sun begins to shine on the arctic circle, melting the snow so the water will snake down through the continent, reaching the fertile lands at the navel of the Americas, in time to nourish the fields by May 17, for the spring plantings.
It is also El Dia de la Candelaria, where in the Mexican villagesdia de la candelabria 2 and cities, every little Jesus doll, which most families own, is being dressed in a brand new outfit, often sewn by hand. These dolls are taken into church on Feb 2 for a special benediction by the local priest.
According to our Bolivian sister Rosse Mary Vargas who will be our guide in Bolivia later this spring, white flowersFebruary 2 is important since it celebrates Mother Nature and the Copacabana Virgin's Day. We will visit the Black Madonna in the cathedral at Copacabana during our journey there this spring. Rosse Mary encourages us all to be connected to this day of ceremony by sending love and gratitude to our Mother, and love and peace to our planet. You can do this by offering white flowers and fruits to the Earth.
In Ireland and the Celtic lands, February 2 is the time in the natural calendar of the year when we banish the winter and rejoice in the coming of spring and it is known as Imbolc, or St
BrigidBrigid's day. It is also known as Candlemas, the first festival of spring and in America, some call it "Groundhog day". Imbolc's name is in recognition of the reawakening of the earth - new beginnings, things yet to be born, and the associated events of spring-time; the earth preparing its buds of new life and herd animals' wonderfully swollen bellies about to bring forth the year's offspring. It is not that spring has sprung, it is more the hope that winter is coming to an end.  In days gone by at this point in the year, agricultural tools and seeds would be blessed for the promise of a fertile harvest.  It was a time of great anticipation and celebration of the possibilities for the year to come.The earth was furrowed and prepared to receive the consecrated seed. Imbolc is a celebration of light.  Winter is dying away, and the fire of the sun grows stronger.  In times past, people would jump bonfires at Imbolc to be cured of their winter colds and aliments.
It seems apparent that if so many different cultures independently recognize February 2 as a special time for ceremony, meditation, and ritual that it must truly be a day of significance. We encourage you to take a bit of time on this day to consider what it means for you. Many Blessings!

BOLIVIA April 23 - May3
PERU May 3 - May 9
BOLIVIA and PERU, Spring 2014

We have spent a great deal of time and care putting together our itineraries for travel to Bolivia and Peru, countries that carry the spirituality and mysticism of the great Andes Mountains, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, the City of Light. We are very excited about our guides and our prices!

Leading us throughout Bolivia is Rosse Mary Vargas Vilela, an Elder, wisdom keeper from Bolivia.  She will not only share her spiritual knowledge with us, but as we travel through her country, she will introduce us to special ceremonies, the Bolivian culture and her beautiful fellow-country people. Please watch the video, below of her. Traveling with Rosse Mary for 9 days through the sacred lands of Bolivia will only cost $1,770.00. 
Tata and Titicaca
Rosse Mary and Mama Kota

Our extension to Peru will cover Cusco, Machu Picchu and many sacred places in-between, throughout the Sacred Valley. During our journey there, we will rely on different guides who understand the spiritual significance of the sites. We will also work with some of the local shaman who perform genuine traditional ceremonies, providing guidance and blessings for you. Cost for the Peru extension: $1,870.00. If you would like to join us on both adventures, we can offer you a discount of $400.00 from the combined total of both trips. 
NOTE: At these prices, the trip is already filling. 
Please contact us soon if you would like to join us.
Call with questions:
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Next Gathering: March 4
Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Lee Cook and Tina Wood have set the date for our next Gathering to be on Tuesday, March 4. At this time we will be thinking about the upcoming dance of Spring and we will talk about that during our time together. More information to follow.

Save the date:
Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 7:00PM
Boulder, Colorado

Glastonbury: September, 2014
Our journey to Glastonbury is set for next September2-15. We are excited to offer 3 different options for you to join us at the Heart Chakra of the Earth. The first part entails a pilgrimage walk for a few days along the Mary Michael path of powerful Earth energies before the actual tour in Glastonbury. If you are not ready to walk for a few days, you may join us for a simple one day walk along the magical ley line and go with us for a day, walking straight into Glastonbury. The third option is to join us after the walking opportunities at Glastonbury for a 9 day celebration in the legendary places that hold secrets of the Holy Grail, Joseph of Arimethea, King Arthur, astrological alignments, holy wells and much more.  
To view a brief synopsis, visit our WEBSITE. Full itinerary available in a few more days!.

Soul for our Olympians!

Our Olympic athletes are discovering SOUL!  They are using it to help recover from injuries and for day to day nutrition because it allows them to train harder and recover faster! 


Here is an example: Nick Alexander, one of our ski jumpers suffered an ankle injury during the tryouts:


 This is what he had to say:

I credit Rain (SOUL) to keeping me going this weekend.(At the tryouts) Without it I really don't believe I would have been able to get on the ski jump. 
Nick Alexander was just named to the 2014 Olympic Team !!!!!  Congratulations, Nick!!
Nick Alexander: Soul
Nick Alexander: Soul


We are personally getting fantastic results and sharing SOUL with family and friends. It helps them feel better!! Seeds are magical, powerful life force energy! 


The combination of Black Seed, Black Raspberry Seed and Grape Seed provides a person with all the vitamins, minerals and cold pressed essential fatty acids found in more than 12 servings of organic fruits and vegetables and many servings of seeds and nuts. SOUL provides easy, vital nutrition that is hard to fix for yourself each day. It makes you feel energized, focused, and fantastic!! Please try our organic Soul made without GMO's or preservatives. It is pure source food for total wellness! It will connect you to the source of life! Tastes great!!


For more information about the wonderful SOUL product, please  visit our website . Call with questions. 720-217-1829.

Angel Message for December, 2
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,
To feel each moment as the only moment that you will experience that particular moment can bring one to a place of deep contentment and expansiveness. Being with that moment fully, no judgement, no future, no past, allows for inspiration and information to flow into that moment easily.

If in that moment you are experiencing a particular kind of suffering, pain, upheaval, disappointment, anxiety or panic,  soften the edges of this experience with your own breath. It will allow you to receive the gift of that moment.  Gaining a birds eye view, as you see yourself as expansive as the sky and as deep as the ocean, more relaxation and more presence will come to you.

Know that our presence is with you in all of your moments.  As your Angels we offer to you the energy of peace, serenity, tranquility, joy, information and inspiration, one moment after another.

Blessings to you in this moment and always.

Thank You, Until Next Time
Blessings of the quickening earth
Blessings of the morning chorus
Blessings of the first shy flowers 
Blessings of Nature waking 
Blessings of Maiden singing
Briganti's fire light your path
Briganti's blessings on your hearth

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