Dear Friends and Partners,
We offer up our prayers and our heartfelt condolences to the precious people of south Florida in the face of another violent school shooting incident.  As these violent attacks have escalated throughout our country over the last few years, we see clearly the great crisis that our nation is experiencing. 
Undoubtedly all these crises will backfire on the devil.   It will only make people more desperate about life and cause them eventually to hunger and seek after God for His love and salvation.  
Be encouraged and rest assured that there are positive changes happening in the spirit at this moment.  Every time I get under the anointing of the Spirit I pickup on this amazing energy and activity in the spirit world.  Things in the realm of the spirit are different and are changing rapidly.  God is arranging things and setting the scene for the mighty outpouring of His fire!
Internationally this is a year of great spiritual celebration as Israel celebrates her 70th year of independence on Monday, May 14 2018.  Jesus spoke of this prophetic event of the rebirth of Israel and that one generation will NOT pass away until the end-time plan of God comes to pass.  
In the 70th year of Israel's captivity in ancient Babylon, God delivered Israel from captivity.  By the authority of heaven we proclaim that this 70th year of Israel is the turning point in the course of the earth.  This year of 2018 God will begin to shake the heavens and the earth, pour out His spirit, and begin to bring in the end-time harvest for Jesus' return.  
I vividly recall 1993 when almost overnight the Revival of Joy exploded all across America.   NOW, we will see God do the things that are so hard for us to imagine and believe.  Our time has come...America first, and eventually the rest of the world.
During the course of last year, the Lord began to give me revelation regarding His plan of revival as He virtually dictated to me the new edition of The Gold and Glory book.  Finally the book is completed and is undergoing the process of additional editing; where after, I will edit it one last time before printing.  I am astounded at what the Lord has revealed to me in this book, and I know that this book in this coming year will be one of the most important spiritual "tools" that God will use to take us into the new revival of the Spirit.
As such, this year is the most important year for us here at GHM.  We covet your prayers, we need your support, and pray that God will send us thousands of partners to help us forerun the revival with the Gold and Glory book throughout the United States. This is a solemn moment, a crucial time of our lives. This is the time to walk in God and seek His purposes for us. It is time for many of you to JOIN HANDS WITH US, and help us bring revival to our land this year!
Shellie and I are eternally grateful for everyone of you who has seen the ministry God has given us for what it is...a prophetic ministry of revival for these last days.  We cannot thank you enough for everyone of you who has seen this ministry as good soil and has partnered with us or has sent offerings to support our ministry.  We pray specifically for those of you on our mailing list who have not participated in our ministry although you've been blessed by it.  Shellie and I sincerely pray that at this crucially important time, that the Lord will speak to you to become a part of this ministry in prayer and in finances.  As such, the next few months is critical for us to have the book printed, published and distributed nationwide to as many ministries and people as possible.  Please be a part of this amazing project since this will change many lives for the glory of God.  Together, Shellie and I are praying that not only people on our mailing list, but everyone who knows about us across this land will hear the voice of God and HELP SUPPORT US as we run to America this year with a new message and a new mission for this very hour. 
We thank you Father for stretching out Your hand and blessing this country this year like never before in Jesus' name.  Amen!
God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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