Hello Angel Fund Family,

As we reflect on the past year, we are again reminded of how very fortunate we are to have so many wonderful supporters who continue to fight with us in this battle against ALS. Dr. Robert Brown and his research team continue to work tirelessly to find a treatment and a cure for this disease.

There has never been such promising research than that which is happening right now in the lab. So much is being done with innovative approaches toward a treatment. We’re excited to say that a human trial has begun and that the drug companies have joined us in our fight. As we see treatment and a cure on the horizon, we still have a long way to go. And we need your help.

WHY do we need your help? We need the funding of supporters for Dr. Brown to continue his research to silence the ALS genes so that we can eradicate this disease and to ensure that no family will have to go through the loss of another loved one. We are proud to say that the total research expenditures average 92% of the Angel Fund’s total expenditures (the remaining 8% attributable to administrative costs). The funds that we give to Dr. Brown are discretionary, which means that Dr. Brown and his research team do not have to go through a grant process to get funding for promising research.

Our families are special to us and we appreciate every dollar that we receive. We know that every dollar counts. I, as well as the entire Angel Fund board, have been warriors in the fight against ALS for more than 20 years. We’ve made a difference with your help. We know both sides of the battle - working hard to find a cure while also living with the disease, or caring for a loved one who is affected.

The new year is coming and with that brings more promise that a treatment and cure will happen soon. Thank you for your support. As a family, we will work together to make hope a reality.

Thank you for stepping up to cure ALS.

Rich Kennedy

Board of Directors:
Eugene Nigro, Esq., Paul DelVecchio, Janice Nigro, Esq., Todd DelVecchio, Peter DelVecchio, Joseph Ruma, Salvatore Falzone, Catherine Nigro

Honorary Directors:
Mike and Dawn Timlin

Advisory Board:
Russell Becker, Mary Bentson, Walter Bentson, Kathleen Bonaiuto, Margaret Daly Crateau, Karen Keane, Mike Keane, Tyler Kennedy, Dave Kreuger, Pamela LeBlanc, Shane McCarthy, Meghan Osterlind, Chris Remer, Abbie Rosenberg, Tommy Rossi, Lee Statham, Sue Toohey

Honorary Chair:
Maria Stephanos

A 2017 Recap
We have so many wonderful people who step up every day to fight with us in the battle against ALS. You have attended events, participated in or volunteered for events and donated generously.

We have benefited and enjoyed so many amazing events this year hosted by some amazing people. As a matter of fact, you can see the support we receive through our recap photos by following this link.

Thank you for being part of it all! We look forward to seeing you in 2018!
$1 million research donation
One of our highlights of 2017 was the awarding of $1million to Dr. Brown's research in just over one year's time.