A Year In Review
Ariel Concert Series is one year old! This month we are taking a look back at our amazing programs and incredible musicians, all of whom helped to make our series possible! We at Ariel couldn’t be more grateful for the support and enthusiasm from our audience, and are looking forward to another season starting this September! 
Founder and Chairman of Ariel Premium Supply and Ariel Concert Series, Tai Lin, shares his perspective on the origin of the concert series and how he sees its future. “When I started Ariel Concert Series in July 2020, I didn’t think much of the future plan yet. During the past 12 months, I learned from our talented musicians and from the St. Louis communities that Ariel Concert Series could help build a platform for St. Louis classical music development. I think the possibilities are enormous. First of all, I firmly believe that quality classical music in everyone’s life is so crucial to a healthy spirit, just like quality food to a healthy body. This is the most important “demands” in marketing and economic terms, as you may call it. Our musicians are the ones who “supply” the contents/materials to meet the “demands”. So, the basic question is : how can we connect the “demands” and “supplies” in a way that will benefit the overall life quality of St. Louis communities (which may extend to other communities in the world) and also provide good career opportunities for the professionally trained musicians.”
Thank you to all of our musicians who played for Ariel Concert Series during our 2020-2021season!
Autumn Chodorowski
Audrey Denny
Andrew Francois
Jennifer Nitchman
Grace Park.
Mark Akin
Brendan Fitzgerald 
Elizabeth Chung
Laura Reycraft
Megan Stout
Alvin McCall
XiaoXiao Qiang
Andrea Jarett 
Jecoliah Wong
Chris Tantillo 
Jun Seo 
Ann Choomack 
Victoria Knudtson 
Julie Thayer
Roger Kaza
Thomas Jostlein
Tod Bowermaster 
Robert Walker
Rachel Siegel 
Allegra Lilly 
Beth Chu
Michael Casimir
Robin Kesselman 
Ben Adler 
Linda Numagami
Tzuying Huang
Hannah Ji
Scott Andrews
Angie Smart
Eva Kozma
Bjorn Ranheim 
Lisa Chong
Ann Fink
Yin Xiong 
Nina Ferrigno
Shannon Williams 
Stephanie Hunt 
Kyle Lombard
Andrew Gott
Phil Ross
Leo Plashinov
Jennifer Humphreys
Erin Schreiber
Kristin Ahlstrom
Shawn Weil
Asako Kuboki
Sarah Hogan Kaiser
Zach Steele
Thank you to Immanuel Lutheran Church, Olivette for donating your space to Ariel Concert Series! Your generosity made it possible for the musicians of ACS to continue to perform during the most challenging times.
Ariel News

This August, Ariel Concert Series performance highlights from our 2020-2021 season will be available in our newly created online archive!

Highlights will include music by Dvorak, Grieg, Haydn, Mozart, Schumann, Brahms, Borodin, Bach, Saint Saens, Weber, Vaughn Williams, and Beethoven!

Listen and watch at
Ariel Concert Series staff was recently interviewed by Voyage Magazine!