Creating Engaging Social Media Content

To build a successful social media presence, you have to share content that will bolster your brand and engagement. Before you can build engagement, you have to understand what it is.

Some Homeowners Experience Financial Gains Despite COVID-19

According to new data released by Redfin, the economic trauma inflicted during the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a more severe toll on renters than homeowners.

Most, Least Successful DIY Projects During the Pandemic

More homeowners have taken on remodeling projects, but not all end up successful.

With more owners tackling home repairs and upgrades themselves, CouponFollow, a homeowner savings resource, surveyed more than 1,000 about the do-it-yourself projects they’re doing during the pandemic. Two of the top motivations for taking on home improvement projects during the pandemic are enjoyment (49%) and mental health (34%), according to the survey.
Percentage of Homes Selling Above List Increases

The share of homes sold above list continues to rise, according to a new analysis by Zillow.

In September, 22.4 percent of homes purchased in the U.S. sold for more than their initial list price, up from 20.2 percent in August and the 15 percent of homes that did so during September 2018 and 2019, Zillow’s analysis found.

A Year We Will Never Forget
This article was shared with us and we found it interesting and would like to share with you.
ALFN WILLed Fall 2020: Volume 5, Issue 4 is out now and covers conversations about Diversity and Inclusion. Their first article is about generational diversity in the workplace, focusing on different age groups’ impact on organizations and how best to communicate between older and younger generations, and to understand our differences.
Next is Michelle Garcia Gilbert's article Good for Business, which outlines the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts at global companies, and what we can learn from how they are addressing the issue. 
Following this is a contribution titled “The Glass Ceiling, Revisited,” which defines the glass ceiling and instructs on effective strategies to break it. There is also an article that discusses the importance of talking to your staff about diversity and inclusion.

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