Our books have a place on your shelves.

There's a reason for that.

In 1974, Malcolm Margolin founded Heyday and created a trailblazing new chapter of California's literary story.

Almost fifty years later, it's still being written.

Since the day we were founded, Heyday has never been beholden to stakeholders telling us what to publish.

Does the author have a big enough following?

Is the subject matter trendy enough?

Those aren't the questions that matter to us.

Instead, we ask:

What do our readers care about?

Is this a story that needs to be told?

It shows in what we publish: books that have earned a place on your shelves and in your lives.

On the cusp of our half-century mark as an independent publisher, our commitment to breaking new literary ground and nurturing brilliant voices is stronger than ever.

2023 has been a feast of fresh ideas, inspiration, and connections. We're excited to share with you the most memorable highlights of a remarkable year.

2023 Annual Report

A snapshot of our milestones this year

Heyday's 2023 Bestsellers

Deserts and coasts, underground rumblings, wild wonders, voices from the borders, Native foodways, and a life spent reading. Check out 2023's top dozen titles.


The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling



The Deserts of California




The Questions that Matter Most



The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada



Feels Like Home




The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds



How to Teach Nature Journaling




Chími Nu'am



The Coasts of California




The California Field Atlas




Deep Oakland




California Against the Sea


Heyday Authors

Part of the National Conversation

Books by Californians, centering the issues and subjects Californians care about, are far from niche narratives. They have, as one reviewer said about Heyday author Rosanna Xia's California Against the Sea, "universal urgency." Here are just a few examples of Heyday voices out in the world in 2023.

Broadening Awareness

After her Los Angeles Times piece on California's rising sea levels went viral and qualified as a finalist for a Pulitzer, climate reporter Rosanna Xia was courted by publishing houses, including the corporate "big five." Why did she choose Heyday instead?

Mainstream coverage of sea level rise has long ignored California’s 1,200 miles of coastline. And yet, some editors wanted Rosanna to relegate California to just one chapter of her book, or otherwise compromise her vision. 

In contrast, Heyday’s Acquisitions Editor told her, “I want our conversation to start with the book you think needs to be written.”

Heyday's and Rosanna's mutual trust was well-placed. Her book, California Against the Sea, was cited in The New Yorker and hailed by Science and Book Riot. Washington Post reporter and author Lizzie Johnson said “It should be required reading for all Californians—and all Americans.”

Encouraging Change

Longtime San Franciscan and living legend Linda Ronstadt returned to her birthplace of Arizona for a packed appearance at the Tuscon Festival of Books to discuss Feels Like Home, her acclaimed memoir recounting her childhood growing up along the Sonoran borderlands.

During the Q&A, a man named David Hawthorne, Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, made a moving admission. Hawthorne said he’d been greatly affected by Linda's book and her activism, especially the passion with which she wrote about and advocated against anti-immigrant bias in the U.S.

He told her he was personally seeking to act with empathy, trying to put into place policies throughout the county that would treat migrants with the dignity and decency they deserved. As the audience applauded, he strode toward the dais and presented Linda with a sheriff’s coin as a token of his respect and appreciation.

Fostering Wonder

"It's by paying attention that we fall in love with this world," John Muir Laws, one of Heyday's most consistently best-selling authors, said recently. "I help people to pay attention, so that they fall in love with this planet enough to take action to save it."

Jack continued doing just that in 2023, sharing curiosity, joy, and wonder via his beloved nature journaling guides, the resources offered by his Wild Wonder Foundation, and his interactive school programs that reach thousands of kids across the country.

Transforming the Narrative

In January, Roundhouse Director Terria Smith published an essay, "Indigenous Authors Have More to Share Than Trauma Narratives," in Publishers Weekly.

According to a recent Diversity Baseline Survey of thousands of employees in trade publishing, university presses, and literary agencies, American publishing is still 79% white. Native Americans comprise less than 1% of all publishing staff nationwide. This can lead to an overly narrow representation of contemporary Indigenous lives and experiences in literature, which the Roundhouse strives to counteract.

As Terria wrote, "We are funny. We are resilient. We are smart. We are innovative. We are thriving. We have generosity and kindness in our communities. Many of us are very delightful. Where are these delightful stories of ours? And do people want to read about them? I believe these books should exist in the world."

Inspiring by Example

She may not be a Heyday author, but she's a member of the Heyday family now: iconic activist and singer Joan Baez, who received Heyday's 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award and told us it was one of the favorites she'd ever been given.

"Action is the antidote to despair." Joan has lived a life defined by this quote, one of her most famous declarations. We hope every book we publish embodies its spirit.

Heyday's Roundhouse

A Year of Firsts

In 2023, the Roundhouse, focusing on California Indian publishing, and its quarterly magazine, News from Native California (now 36 years old), entered an exciting era of growth.

Nurturing New Talent

Emily Clarke (Cahuilla) was the wonderful inaugural recipient of News from Native California's full-time, paid Graton Roundhouse Writing Internship for a recent college graduate, made possible by the generous support of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria.

During her internship year, Emily wrote and posted over forty articles on the News from Native California blog; contributed articles, reviews, and photos to the print magazine; created a TikTok page, and guest-edited the Summer 2023 issue of News, focusing on Native poetry.

"This internship gave me the time, funding, and encouragement to become more involved with the California Native community and to highlight their stories.

The voices of the Native people I connected with are the true heart of my work."


Our current Graton Roundhouse Writing Intern, Tavi Lorelle Carpenter (Coast Miwok/ Southern Pomo/Wappo), recently graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's in Anthropology. While there, she conducted an ethnographic research project about Tribal citizens' understanding of Indigeneity that culminated in a multi-modal website, thesis paper and short film. As our new intern, Tavi has hit the ground running, contributing profiles and interviews of Indigenous California artists and activists to NNC's blog, covering the 2023 California Indian Law Conference, and reviewing books and museum exhibits.

"My biggest goal for this year is a renewed commitment to community, which is why this opportunity is so exciting! I hope to share the amazing things our people are doing, wisdom from our elders, the stories of who

we are, and to start conversations on topics that matter most to our community."


Uncovering Stories

Thanks to an Ethnic Media Outreach Grant from the California State Library, News from Native California now has a full-time Social Justice Reporter: Christine Trudeau (Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation), President of the Indigenous Journalists Association.

Christine's journalism has appeared on NPR, National Native News, and in Native Peoples Magazine.

Her original reported stories for NNC will be appearing in the magazine over the next year, helping to fill a gap in media coverage of Native California breaking news, perspectives, and people.

All articles by NNC's Stop the Hate Social Justice Reporter are supported by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library in partnership with the California Department of Social Services and the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs as part of the Stop the Hate program. To report a hate incident or hate crime and get support, go to CA vs Hate.

New Faces on Heyday's Board of Directors

In 2023, Heyday welcomed two new members to our Board of Directors. We're lucky to have an impassioned Board filled with dynamic people who believe in Heyday's mission and bring diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and great ideas to the table. Our newest members are no exception.

Get to know them:

V.R. Ferose is Senior Vice President and Head of the SAP Engineering Academy and the founder of the India Inclusion Foundation, a non-profit that aims to bring the topic of inclusion to the forefront in India. He has co-authored Gifted: Inspiring Stories of People with Disabilities, which has been translated into six Indian regional languages and whose Kannada edition has won the prestigious Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award.

"The reason I joined Heyday is its mission to promote civic engagement and social justice with a focus on California’s rich history, culture and influence. I was also inspired by the small but mighty team at Heyday!"


Born and raised in an all-black neighborhood on Julia Street in South Berkeley, Tina Jones Williams is a member of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc and the award-winning author of four books in the Julia Street Series, including Sara's Song and Dance or Get Out. She leads bi-annual neighborhood walks which begin and end on Julia Street where the books are set, sharing anecdotes, folklore, and history about times, places, and people she feels should not be forgotten.

"I accepted the kind invitation to join the Heyday board to add my voice to conversations around inclusion and outlier viewpoints and perspectives."


The Return of

In-House Events

2023 saw the happy revival of a proud Heyday tradition: celebrations at Heyday HQ, featuring authors in conversation. Here are a few of the writers who stopped by this year.

Pulitzer winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen (a member of Heyday's Advisory Council) joined our Publisher, Steve Wasserman, in our offices for a standing-room-only conversation about his new memoir, A Man of Two Faces.

Lifelong Californian and acclaimed historian Jean Pfaelzer was presented with the 2023 Heyday History Award at Heyday HQ for her unsparing-yet-hopeful California, A Slave State (Yale University Press).

Sara Calvosa Olson discussed Chími Nu’am: Native California Foodways for the Contemporary Kitchen with Managing Editor Emmerich Anklam, in an inspiring conversation about resilience and sustainability. In homage, Heyday staff cooked and served recipes from Sara's book (which just went into its second printing!), including a delicious winter stew. You can watch Sara make it in this mouthwatering video.

The Scandal of Cal: Land Grabs, White Supremacy, and Miseducation at UC Berkeley author Tony Platt celebrated his book launch with a tea and spirited discussion. Pictured is a scrumptious cake version of the book's incendiary cover design. Among the book's most powerful endorsements was one of the most succinct: a statement from Abolition Geography author Ruth Wilson Gilmore, who declared, "This is a land acknowledgment."

What the Critics

Are Saying

We don't have room to include all the stellar reviews Heyday's books received in 2023, but we're sharing a few favorite raves.

"Lazard’s story may exemplify a cultural awakening experienced by many of her Black peers, but it is also intensely individual, shaped as much by her own family circumstances as by the world around her. 'I foolishly never looked at my life as something anyone would want to read about,' she writes toward the end of the memoir; readers are fortunate she got over that notion. Compelling and memorable." KIRKUS

"It’s hard to overstate the pleasure of reading Jane Smiley… Line for line, Smiley delivers such clear, vibrant, precise prose — handed forth as calmly and equitably as an ice cream cone, even when she’s incensed — that a reader feels smarter just taking it in."


"This book has turned me into a newcomer to my own city, but has also changed the way I will view any landscape. I can think of few greater gifts than that."


best-selling author of How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy

"Few people are more qualified to explain and analyze this landscape. Xia’s reporting on this topic earned her a spot as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting in 2020. In this, her first nonfiction book, she breathes exquisite detail and dialogue into a rich narrative held up by years of beat reporting."


"With Chími Nu'am, Calvosa Olson looks to encourage people to start thinking about a decolonized diet, connecting to the land and native ingredients prior to European colonization [... and] aims to make Indigenous ingredients and traditional Karuk recipes accessible to a whole range of home cooks."


"This is not your typical field guide. It's chock-full of information about botany, wildlife, and other ecological aspects of California's deserts, put together in an accessible, visual way. This approach helps to encourage a love of place, which is often the first step toward wanting to protect and preserve it."


Heyday by the Numbers

Let's break it down some more...

What do we spend money on?

Who Gives to Heyday?

A Spotlight on Donors

A Reader's Inspiration

Recently, we received a handwritten note in the mail from a reader who said he discovered us through Obi Kaufmann's California Field Atlases.

"As a native Californian, I find them amazing," this reader wrote. "There is so much to know! And his illustrations are magical."

He added that he "just tingled" watching the video of Heyday's 17th annual Harvest program, featuring a visit to Kaufmann's studio, Sara Calvosa Olson's kitchen, Heyday Lifetime Achievement Award winner Joan Baez' Woodside hearth and rose garden, and more. Tucked into this reader's note was a happy surprise: a donation of $250, with an exhortation to "please keep up your good work." Thanks to generous book lovers like these, we will.

An Author's Gift

Our readers aren't the only ones moved to give. William Selby, whose book The California Sky Watcher is forthcoming from Heyday, is one of several authors who choose to donate back all or part of their own book advances or royalties. When our own authors do this, it's such a powerful testament to the rare experience Heyday gives our writers, and by extension, our readers.

"The holiday season gives us a chance to show our appreciation for the positive people and projects that change our world for the better. Here is my show of support for your publications that inform us about our California and beyond."

—WILLIAM A. SELBY, Heyday author

Another way to support Heyday is to

Become a Member!

Members receive curated new releases delivered to your home, free ebooks, invites to special events at Heyday HQ (recent events included a conversation with Viet Thanh Nguyen and talk with Sara Calvosa Olson), and 30% off Heyday's entire backlist. Members at certain levels enjoy unique outings like those pictured: a Point Reyes bird walk and studio visit with artist and author Keith Hansen; and a guided foraging walk with The Sierra Forager author Mia Andler.

Want great books delivered to your door and other fun benefits?

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2023 Heyday Harvest

Our Annual Showcase

Don't forget to check out the broadcast of our 2023 annual report: the 17th Heyday Harvest, now available to stream anytime on our website on YouTube.

Walk the California coast with Rosanna Xia, peek into Sara Calvosa Olson's kitchen and Obi Kaufmann's studio, and enjoy stimulating discussions with our Heyday History Award winner, Jean Pfaelzer (in conversation with Tony Platt) and our Heyday Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Joan Baez (in conversation with her dear friend, Heyday author Greg Sarris, at her Woodside home).

To quote a viewer, "What a beautiful and powerful presentation of gifted creators. My soul is smiling!"

Heyday 101:

Who We Are, What We Do

Our Mission

Heyday is an independent, nonprofit publisher founded in 1974 by Malcolm Margolin in Berkeley, California. We are a diverse community of writers and readers, activists and thinkers. Heyday promotes civic engagement and social justice, celebrates nature’s wonders, supports California Indian cultural renewal, and explores the state’s rich history, culture, and influence. By platforming diverse voices and creating space for overlooked stories to be told, we aim to realize the California dream of equity and enfranchisement.


Steve Wasserman


Gayle Wattawa

General Manager

Emmerich Anklam

Managing Editor

Marthine Satris

Acquisitions Editor

Terria Smith

Director, Berkeley Roundhouse

Kalie Caetano

Marketing and Publicity Director

Archie Ferguson

Art Director

Chris Carosi

Sales Manager

Marlon Rigel

Production Manager

Suzanne Rivecca

Development Manager

Eve Sheehan

Office Manager

Sydney Vogl

Marketing and Membership Associate

Christine Trudeau

News from Native California Stop the Hate Social Justice Reporter

Tavi Lorelle Carpenter

Graton Heyday Berkeley Roundhouse Writing Intern


Steve Wax, Chair

Brian Kenny, Vice Chair

Whitney Green, Treasurer

V.R. Ferose

Don Franzen

Bruce Goldsmith

Catherine Kanner

Zachary Karabell

Marty Price

John Ptak

Deborah L. Sanchez

Rosa Soza War Soldier

Tina Jones Williams

Megan Vered


Guy Lampard


Susan D. Anderson

Lindsie Bear

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Dave Eggers

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Lewis Watts


We are deeply grateful for the people, institutions, and organizations whose generosity and vision make it possible for us to do this work.

The individual donations below represent gifts made thus far in Fiscal Year 2023 (January 1, 2023 - December 11, 2023).




Bruce Goldsmith; William Randolph Hearst, III; and T.M. Scruggs.




Anonymous (1); Clara Bingham; Edwin Blue; Karen and Tom Mulvaney, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; John Ptak and Margaret Black; Alan Rosenus; Katrina vanden Heuvel; and Peter Booth Wiley.




Judy Mistelske-Anklam and William Anklam; Cox and Chen Family Fund; Don and Dale Franzen; Whitney Green; Catherine Kanner; Zachary Karabell; Thomas Lockard and Alix Marduel; Greg Sarris; Megan Vered; and Sherry Wasserman and Clayton F. Johnson.




Anonymous (2); Joan Berman; John Briscoe; Philip and Jamie Bowles, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Susan Casentini; John and Nancy Cassidy; Frances Collins; Eleanor Coppola; Bruce De Benedictis and Caroline Kim; Chris Desser and Kirk Marckwald; Michael Dieden and Dana Gluckstein, in honor of Tom Hayden; Frances Dinkelspiel and Gary Wayne; Robert Estrin; Ellen Gavin; Dana and Mary Gioia; Nicola Gordon; Lizbeth Hasse, in honor of Al Wasserman; Adam and Arlie Hochschild; Michael Horn, in memory of Gary Horn; Catherine Kanner; Barbara and Ron Kaufman Philanthropic Fund; Richard Kluger; Eric Lax and Karen Sulzberger; Paul Liebler, in memory of Mary Rose Liebler; Lyn Risling and Julian Lang; Deborah L. Sanchez; Barbara Snell, in memory of Chuck Snell; Michael and Shirley Traynor; Ann Dragoon Wasserman; and Steve Wax and Teresa Book.




Anonymous (2); Andrew Alden; Adelina Alva-Padilla; Lee and Ann Andersen; Kim Bancroft; Ardyth Brady; Diana Cohn and Craig Merrilees; Margaret Conkey; Anne Convery; Lorrie Culver; H. Dwight Damon, in memory of Jim Houston; Marilee Enge and George Frost; Wendy Esteras; David Fenton; Genevieve Fong, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Emily Grossman and Daniel Philpot, in honor of Terria Smith; Coke and James Hallowell; Anthony Heilbut; James Hirst; Brian J. Kenny; Scott Lankford; Marge Liebler; Derek Madden; Sarah Newton, in memory of David S. Wilson; Patricia O'Brien; Anchita Nidhindra; George Rehm and Holly Doyne; Wendy Ruebman; William Selby; Raquel Smith; Toby Symington, in memory of Nancy Symington; Sonia Tamez and Kenneth Whistler; Joseph Vogl; Victoria K Williams; Charles Wollenberg; Emily Wright; and Doug Yamamoto.




Anonymous (4); Susan Aaron; Damon Akins; Stephen Alden; Robert Allen; Elisa Alvarado, in honor of Paul Morillo; Kathryn Anderson; Sonja Armour; Sara Armstrong and Robert Burger; Elizabeth Austin; James and Rebecca Austin; Carroll Ballard and Christina Lüscher-Ballard; Lori Barra; Jake Bassett; Michael Battaglia; Lili and Tom Beggs; Theresa Blair; Melissa Bouchard; Robert Bowdidge; Jeffrey Boxer; Jeanne Brokaw; Bobette Buster; Margaret Butcher; Benjamin Calvert; Fred Canillo and Lynn Webb; Carol Cardona; Star Carroll; Terri A. Castaneda; Anne Chambers; Carrie Chassin; Eunice Childs; Erin Ching; David F. Chu, in honor of Ted and Ginny Chu; Judith Ciani; Alison Claire; Kathleen Clarke; Diane Cornwall; Nikolaus Crain; Christine Dafforn; Anna Darden; Jeanette Davis, in honor of Barbara Drake; Garrett and Kim Dempsey; Bruce de Terra; Linda Devin-Sheehan; Patricia Dixon; Cherie Donahue; Ellen Dubrowin; Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz; Dr. Faith L. Duncan, in memory of Dennis Neill; Helen Dunlap; Pauline Durand-Ruel; Erin Eberle; Barbara Eisenstein; Elaine Elinson; Eric Elliott; Linda Elliott; Wendy Esteras; Dennis Evanosky; Aileen Fell; Arleen Feng; Bobbi Feyerabend; Christine Fleming; Libby Flynn; Cheri Forrester and David Harris; Gordon and Jutta Frankie; Adam Fritzler; Martha Gibson; Lisa Gimmy; Attillo Giolli; Craig Gleason; Larry Goldzband; Dr. Erica and Barry Goode; Philip Gotanda; Peter Greenleaf; Mignon and Gerald Gregg; Dr. Theresa Gregor; Wylie Greig; Mary Griffith; Sherrin Grout and Donn Marinovich; Virgina Hahn; Bethany Hanson; L. John Harris; Arthur Hansen; Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman; Ronald Hawley; Joseph Healy; Michael Healy and Joan Van Horn; Judy Helfand; Jennifer Heller; Thomas and Faye Hendricks, in honor of Daniel Hendricks; Liz Henry; Michael Herz; Kathy High; Leanne Hinton and Gary Scott; James Hirst; Lynn Hollyn; Annette Holland; Heidi Hopkins; Sara Horner; Sarah Hoskinson; Read Howarth; Deborah Iacoponi; Michelle Inama; Josh Jackson; Lynn Jeffries; Robert Johnson; Bonnie Jones; Cheryl Jordan; Charles Kennard; Charity Kenyon; Stephen Kerford; David Kimball and Anne Taylor; Janice Klein; Bruce Koball; Prudy Kohler; Chris Kornman; Brian Krachman; Carol Lane; Dorothy Lazard; Bernard and Josie Le Roy; Jo Ann Lichstein; Daniel Liebler; Lele Lindsay; Andrea LoPinto; Jonathan London, in honor of the amazing environmental stewardship efforts of the Pomo Tribes around Clear Lake; Craig Louis; John Maccabee; Praveen Madan; Carol Maga; Johnny Mah; Tom Majich; Susan Marchant; Malcolm and Rina Margolin; John Marias; Kimberly and Kevin Marshall; Marty Marshall; Joe Mathews; Pat McCabe; Michael McGowan; Craig McNamara; Jaime Michaels; Jerry and Ellen Miller; Tom Miller; Rita Minjares; Deborah Miranda; Robin Mitchell; Daniel Morain; Genevieve Nauman; Joan Osterman; Michael Oates Palmer; Neal Parish; Taylor Parker; Sue Parman; Marty Parra; Kevin Patterson; Lise Pearlman; Ned Pearlstein; Mark Pearson; Jeffrey Perkins; Diane Petersen; Robyn G. Peterson, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Patrick Perez; Jean Pfaelzer; Joanna Pfaelzer; Rob Pfile; Tony Platt; Elizabeth Pomeroy; Renata Pompelli; Madeleine Provost; Caren and Jim Quay; Polly Quick; Rose Ramirez; Eric Rawlins; Barbara Risling; Steve Riskin; Lennie and Mike Roberts; Julie Roemer; Ronda Ropes; Ben Rosen; Brandi Roth; Ellen Rutter; Marianne Schonfisch; Peter Schrag and Patricia Ternahan; Laura Scott Sellers; Richard Silbert; Dan Silver; Igor Skaredoff; Cynthia Smith; Carla Soracco and Donna Fong, in memory of Margaret Jessup; John David Souther; Michael Stevens; Jenepher Stowell; Miye Takagi; Chris Tarp; Robin Thomas; Leslie Thomsen; Linda Thurston; Andrew Tonkovich and Lisa Alvarez; Rajveer Tut; William and Frances Tweed; Gavin Van Horn; Jennifer Vetter; Village Workshop; Carrie Vogl; Angie Vorhies; J.G. Waines; Tanis Walters; William Ward; Alice Waters; Carolyn and Roy West; WildBrain; Jim Williams; Mary Williams; Rosanna Xia; Glenn Yago; and Russell and Lisa Yee.





We cherish the visionary support and partnership of foundations and other organizations, including:


ACLU of Northern California; Alameda County Arts Commission; Amazon Literary Partnership; Another Planet Entertainment; Art for Justice Fund; Autodesk Foundation; The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley; The Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford University; California Arts Council; California Humanities; California Native Plant Society; The Campbell Foundation; Candelaria Fund; Center for Biological Diversity; Central Valley Community Foundation; City of Berkeley Civic Arts Program; Creative Industry Law; Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria; Fieldstead and Company; The Ford Foundation; Walter and Elise Haas Fund; Hearst Corporation; Humboldt Area Foundation’s Native Cultures Fund; Jiji Foundation; JKW Foundation; Keysight; Jonathan Logan Family Foundation; Matthew London and Sylvia Wen Gaia Fund; The Marisla Foundation; Milligan Family Charitable Fund; Moore Family Foundation; Oldwin Family Foundation; Quitiplas Foundation; San Francisco Heritage; San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; San Mateo County Parks Foundation; Santa Fe Community Foundation; Save the Redwoods League; Sierra College Press; the State of California, administered by the California State Library in partnership with the California Department of Social Services and the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs as part of the Stop the Hate program; Henri And Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation; Tappan Foundation; The Thendara Foundation; Roger J. and Madeleine Traynor Foundation; and the Uplands Family Foundation.

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