March 3, 2016 
2015 Corporate Advisory and Corporate Restructuring Review
As we wrap up celebrating our 15th year, we wanted to pause and thank our many clients and friends who put their trust in AEG Partners.  We had a very active year, working with a variety of companies and their stakeholders to address their challenges and help businesses recover and rebuild.

Our 15th year also marked the passing of one of our founders, Larry Adelman, who was instrumental in building AEG's success over the years.  His lasting contributions to the firm, the industry and the community will continue to mark his legacy.

Below is a sampling of engagements undertaken by AEG during the past year, reflecting our work in business improvement, turnaround and crisis management, and plan administration roles.

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Business Improvement
Revitalizing an Underperforming Consumer Goods Company
A West Coast, private equity owned home products company engaged AEG Partners as interim CEO to stabilize and strengthen performance.  AEG led a comprehensive internal restructuring, addressing product sourcing from Southeast Asia, operational efficiencies and financial management.  By streamlining processes and improving labor productivity by 25%, AEG reinvigorated the business model and put the company on a path to pursue revenue growth.
Building Metrics to Assist Manufacturer
A closely held manufacturer of gifts and novelty products retained AEG Partners to advise management on inventory control issues.  In addition to SKU rationalization and addressing immediate inventory issues, AEG developed key performance indicators and associated reporting processes to provide management with timely visibility and an actionable scorecard.
Driving Performance Improvement at Retail Chain
AEG Partners was retained by this Midwest based chain to perform an assessment of operational performance and management practices.  Based on that analysis, AEG worked closely with the executive team to develop core strategic objectives and align management tactics and incentives with those objectives.  AEG also developed a series of operational and financial metrics to manage the performance improvement process going forward.
Turnaround and Crisis Management
Orchestrating the Turnaround of an Oil and Gas Industry Supplier
In the roles of Chief Restructuring Officer and Chief Financial Officer, AEG led this Texas based manufacturer and provider of construction and integrity services for the oil and gas pipeline business through a dramatic restructuring.  By managing the exit from underperforming lines of business that reduced revenues by 50%, AEG drove a $20 million improvement in EBITDA through an out of court process.  AEG also managed the company's strained liquidity position and led negotiations with the company's lenders.
Defining Exit Path for Liquidity Strained Consumer Packaged Goods Company
A $200 million East Coast based consumer packaged goods company retained AEG Partners as advisor as it faced severe liquidity issues due to significant structural changes in its core markets.  AEG assisted in managing the company's trade position, implementing expense reduction initiatives and identifying strategic options.  AEG's work defined the viable options for the company amid a highly contentious stakeholder atmosphere.
Assisting Financial Services Company Victimized by Fraud
AEG Partners was retained as financial advisor to assist a commercial financial services company that was the target of a third-party fraud scheme.  In addition to identifying the extent of the fraud, AEG was charged with leading negotiations with various stakeholders to reach an equitable resolution among the parties.
Addressing Unsecured Creditors Concerns in World Marketing Chapter 11
AEG Partners was retained by the unsecured creditors committee in the World Marketing Chicago Chapter 11 case.  AEG's role includes assisting the Committee in evaluating circumstances leading up to the filing, reviewing company's financial and cash flow projections, and evaluating and facilitating viable recovery options.
Plan Administration
Facilitating Liquidation of Estate BIPCo LLC
AEG Partners was appointed Plan Administrator in July 2015 in the bankruptcy case of Estate BIPCo, formerly known as Bear Island Paper Company LLC.  After a very lengthy process to finalize a plan, AEG was responsible for managing, preserving and liquidating the remaining assets of the estate.  AEG also administered the disbursement of funds in compliance with the plan.
Liquidating Trustee of the Trainor Glass Liquidating Trust
AEG Partners administered, pursued avoidance recoveries, and legal enforcement actions on behalf of the Trust.
Winding Down Sapphire
AEG Partners was appointed to serve as the Responsible Party in the Sapphire Industrials Corporation wind-down.  AEG assisted the company in meeting its obligations under the wind-down agreements, and administered the disbursement of remaining funds among approved claimants.
Completing the Estate Sale of Mercantile Bancorp
AEG Partners finalized the wind-down of the estate of Mercantile Bancorp. Through the process, AEG managed the dissolution of remaining assets, resolved remaining tax matters and handled the final distributions of funds to claimants.
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