Because of you, Pathways continues to be a leading provider of education and support services for children from birth to adolescence.

Your continued support allows us to expand and continue our high quality educational and recreational programs. But you may be surprised at all that Pathways children would miss out on - without you. 

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You won't want to miss a thing!

What would have been missing in 2017 for Pathways children?

* 680 children from 285 families would not have received more than 4,000 toys and books you donated.

*  Many parents who rarely have the resources to purchase new clothes for themselves would not have been able to shop for free at the Pathways Boutique without your donations.

* Two new playgrounds  for our Head Start and School Age Care children would not have been built without the funds you provided. 

*  200 students would not have started school with new backpacks and school supply kits without you!


Thank you for your all you do!
What if your donations did not provide these unforgettable events with our community partners for our School Age Care students? 
*  Children would not have sailed on the Schooner Adventure and learned about sailing, navigation and Gloucester's fishing heritage.
*  Students would have missed the harbor tour and the experience of hauling lobster pots. 
*  Students would not have been able to work with Backyard Growers and our wonderful volu nteers and see the results of their spring planting blossom into good things to  eat. 
*  Children would not have seen a performance of Goldilocks at the Music Theater or visited the Stoneham Zoo.
* There would have been no visit to Maritime Gloucester and a lost opportunity to learn about marine animals.

Enrichment provides our students the chance to be engaged, 
to learn and to wonder.
You made all this possible!

Having books to read and to listen to in the home is an important part of developing strong reading skills. What if your donations didn't provide books for our students three different times this year?
*  There would have been no  Free Book Fair   providing every child with 3 or 4 books to bring home.
*  School Age Care students would not have read stories to our Head Start children through our Free Book Cart program which also provided free books for readers and story listeners.
*  There would have been no chance for parents to choose books for their children at our  Holiday Store.      
A special thank you for our free book events goes to our Literacy Committee for their  dedication and vision, and 
to our donors for their generosity.
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