Volume 51
March 17, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Writing our book
  • Humble beginnings
  • Darwin’s Theory
  • 51 Issues
  • Getting Better
  • Practice Growth Challenge
Dear Colleagues, Loyal Readers and those Elevating the Profession:

Since 2008, HDI has savored writing our book on progressive approaches to grassroots educational marketing with industry leaders like you. Inspired by this collective experience, March 26, 2020, was our Practice Growth Insights™ humble beginning, intended to transparently share learned lessons in a usefully documented table of contents, chapters and pages for all to see.
As we celebrate our collaborative journey in revealing practical strategies and customized programs, I hope you will invest a few minutes to read our inaugural issue which began with:
“As a community, nation, and world, we must now navigate daily impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Every day, our hearts and compassionate thoughts go out to all those affected in so many ways. In the weeks and months to come, as challenging events evolve rapidly, being hopeful and helpful will serve us all well.”

Followed by:
“With respect to hearing and balance healthcare, you and other key opinion leaders are uniquely positioned to educate your patients, fellow healthcare providers, local communities, and other key decision makers on the benefits of helping folks to hear, understand, and connect with others to the best of their ability. Your professional voice should be heard by all those who need to know.”

With emphasis on:
“As we face unprecedented challenges in the weeks and months to come, let’s plan for a brighter future which helps all those you seek to serve to learn more about why Better Hearing is Better Healthcare.
One year later, amid a challenging and disruptive marketplace, we promise our ongoing dedication to genuinely supporting all those looking to Outsmart not Outspend competition in high-integrity, patient-centric, research-based, practice-branded and yes, fun ways. Consistently doing so will Amplify Your Influence with current patients, prospective patients, local physicians, senior living communities and other cohorts who should hear the facts about communication wellness.

We suggest your practice should be a prime beneficiary of this professional imperative in a myriad of remarkably productive ways.
“People like us do things like this.”
— Seth Godin
While perusing prior issues (51 to choose from),

I encourage you to identify which Insights will motivate achievement of your Practice Growth objectives in 2021 and beyond. After all, as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution teaches us, the “fittest” flourish best.

Going forward, when the time is right, we will introduce programs targeting senior living communities, B2B Wellness, health fairs, tailored counseling techniques and an extensive display of thoughtfully supportive designs. Stay tuned…

Speaking of upbeat tunes, the Beatles made “Getting Better” famous and their groovy directive is worth listening to. Over the past year, led by my talented colleague, Cam McIlreavy, we intently focused on modeling the format, content, images, features and resources in each Practice Growth Insights™ issue.
In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are eager to learn from your essential feedback on which real-world insights will maximally benefit your team. Please know an inspiring element of our ongoing mission is helping bring your practice growth by design ideas to life.
As seen, each issue features:
  • Snapshots for the Better
  • Strategic narrative
  • Eye-catching images
  • Enlightening books or…
  • Useful videos or…
  • Links to informative resources
  • Motivational quotes
To help us Get Better, please contribute feedback via this brief survey. In appreciation, each practice that responds will receive a $25 credit towards their next investment in customized educational materials.
As an action step, please accept my Practice Growth Challenge to you, with no ice bucket required!

Select a Practice Growth Insights™ issue of particular interest and let's talk about it. By telling me more about how you want to benefit from highlighted concepts and asking discovery questions, strategic plans will be clearly defined. From my perspective, the most valuable Insights are from talented folks like you on the front lines of delivering exceptional patient care which brings precious sounds to life for those we seek to serve.

With historical adoption rates of various personalized solutions lower than ideal and OTC / PSAP options emerging, now is the time to accelerate spreading the word on why Better Hearing is Better Healthcare.

Let’s Spring Forward and have some fun in ’21…
Bruce Essman
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