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It has been awhile since we have written; we have been busy with some exciting projects!  


Global Genesis is launching Golden State HR - a division of Global Genesis that will be focusing on organizational effectiveness for small and medium-sized business in California, led by Cathy Taylor.  Read our press announcement below, and be sure to visit the new Golden State HR website.   



Toren Peck



And Genevieve and her husband Christopher launched

their latest project - welcoming Toren James Peck to the world on April 25, 2013.   


Toren entered the world at 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21 inches -

and is now a happy, bouncing, gurgling delight! His enthusiastic team of grandparents have been enjoying him immensely.  Genevieve continues her work in teambuilding, facilitation, strategic planning, and leadership development part-time with Global Genesis.  


Also, check out Cathy's recent blog post "15 Updates to 2014 California Labor Law" and Genevieve's latest book review on Political Savvy: Leadership Behind the Scenes.


With warmest regards,

Genevieve, Terry, and Cathy

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Announcing Golden State HR! 
Photo - Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor, SPHR-CA


Global Genesis is proud to announce the launch of Golden State HR, which will tailor its Human Resources services to small and medium-sized businesses in California.


While Global Genesis has been delivering services all over the world, employers deem California a world of its own.  


In fact, California is so distinctly unique that when it comes to labor law compliance, it often sets the norm for multi-state employers.  


"We recognize that business right here in our back yard need management support specifically for California. That's why we have decided to launch Golden State HR, which will be focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses in California to help navigate the complex array of state mandates from daily overtime and mandatory sexual harassment training to the California Family Rights Act and Paid Family Leave," says Cathy Taylor, who is the lead principal of Golden State HR.


Of course, compliance is only a slice of what services Golden State HR will offer to employers. GSHR will also help to create a work environment that keeps employees happy, healthy and productive.


Cathy has attained her Senior Professional in Human Resources certification and has gone a step ahead with an SPHR-CA, a designation that certifies her as a human resources professional in California. California is the only state with a specialized designation.


To read more about what Golden State HR can offer your business, go to the GSHR website http://goldenstatehr.com/, or "like" our new Facebook page. 


  2014 California Labor Law - 15 Updates

What's new for 2014 on the California Labor Law front?  Quite a few amendments that employers should take notice to, from a new minimum wage increase plan to more penalites for labor law violations, While there are many, we have listed those that most employers will be subject to.  You may read about them in detail by opening the attached document, or you can listen to the update via this audiofile:     .
Bottom line, employers will need to review and amend some policies, update postings, ensure that supervisors understand the changes, audit pay and employment practices....but the best advice is to treat all employees like you would want to be treated!  Prevention and risk minimization are great precautions, but common sense good treatment is the core of a healthy and productive relationship with your employees.

A few tips from "Political Savvy: Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind the Scenes" 

Genevieve's latest blog on "Sustainability, Leadership and Change."  


Many people see "politics" as something to be avoided.  Political Savvy - Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind the Scenes takes a fresh and extremely rational look at the natural politics of organizations. 


What I liked: Dr. DeLuca identifies 9 different "players", ranging from the passive and cynical to the "active and ethical" players.  This book encourages people to become "active, ethical players" that choose to make a strategic difference in their organizations.  These players are savvy: they know how to identify resistance to change; and they know who can help them overcome that resistance in a way that serves the greater good.  And they assume that organizations are not inherently rational; rather, they are made up of humans that try to be rational but who also operate from a framework of emotions and interests that are uniquely individual.


Following are a couple of tips for "influencing behind the scenes" that I particularly liked.

Read more here...  




Getting Recruitment Right - 5 Ways to Create a Robust Recruitment Process 

 Cathy's latest blog on "HR - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." 


Whether you are replacing a departing employee or adding new staff, the prospect of recruiting can be daunting.  To find the right employee, a lot of time and effort needs to go into it.  Bad hires are costly, in time, training dollars, upheaval, morale poisoning, substandard work output and in some cases, complaints and lawsuits.  A robust recruitment process is your first best defense.   Read more here...  


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