A barrage of false attacks, Professor Adam Brown Responds, and Endorsements
Hi Bountiful and West Bountiful friends,

It has been a remarkable stretch in the campaign. Dr. Mason's campaign has sent out an attack ad (email or text or paper mailer) against me every day for the last 5 days in a row. These attacks have been a mix of some things that are taken out of context, some things that are half true, and some things that are completely false.

Although some have claimed to be from "Independent" outside groups, each of them that I have seen has been produced directly by his campaign, or by one of his campaign workers, or by someone that is a close friend of one of his campaign workers.

I don't remember ever seeing a campaign here for a local office that has sent so many negative political ads, and I will tell you it can be very discouraging to see so many horrible untrue things said about you. If you are willing to mix some things that are half true with some things that are completely false - you can make anyone look horrible.

It is my sincere hope that voters in our community don't want to have campaigns that are run this way. I think we will all be better off and have better government if candidates spend their time telling you what they believe and what they have done. Here are some of the things I believe:

  • I believe we should work towards a great public education system where parents, students, and teachers can all thrive.
  • I believe we will all be better off if we keep taxes and regulations low so businesses can prosper and provide the jobs our families need.
  • I oppose abortion and believe that we should seek pro-life policies that also protect women's lives and health.
  • I believe it is important to listen to all sides of complicated issues and treat everyone with respect.
  • I believe it is important to communicate with voters both to let you know what I am working on and hear what is important to you.

If you have specific question about my positions or votes on any of the issues brought up in any of the attack ads, I hope you will contact me to discuss. My number is 801-440-8765.


Ray Ward M.D.-PhD.
A Response from Professor Adam Brown

At multiple points over the last few months, the Mason campaign, and their associated Platform Republican PAC, has mischaracterized the work of BYU Professor Adam Brown to try to distort my record. I am thankful to Professor Brown for taking a look at their latest mischaracterizations and making it clear that they are not telling the truth.

Community Endorsements

In the end - there is only one form of endorsement that matters - and that is the endorsement that each of you gives to one candidate or the other when you vote.

But receiving endorsements from prominent and involved individuals in our community is one way for you to know that I have worked hard to build relationships and trust with the others who are leaders in our community.

Here are some of the individuals who have endorsed my re-election:

Kendalyn Harris
Mayor of Bountiful

Kelly Sparks
Davis County Sheriff

James Ahlstrom
West Bountiful City Council

Cecilee Price-Huish
Bountiful City Council

Kate Bradshaw
Bountiful City Council

Elizabeth Mumford
Davis School Board Member

John Robison
Davis School Board Member

Todd Weiler
South Davis Senator

Joe Johnson
Former Bountiful City Mayor

James Behunin
Former West Bountiful Mayor

Dan Liljenquist
Former State Senator

Val Oveson
Former Utah Lieutenant Governor

Sheryl Allen
Former Bountiful Legislator

Dick Siddoway
Former Bountiful Legislator

David Irvine
Former Bountiful Legislator
And many other community supporters:

Mark Allred
Kathleen Anderson
Shelli Archer
Julie Arnold
Kara Arnold Applegate
Jodi Averett
Kathleen Bailey
Terry & Sherry Bailey
Carla Barlow
Jeremy & Lisa Barlow
Joe & Jeneale Barnes
Beth Beck
Alan & Sherri Birdsall
Cathryn Boyd
Matt & Laura Brady
Matt & Shauna Brady
Don & Lynn Bright
Adrienne & Mike Buckley
Dee & Barbara Burningham
Wayne & Claudine Cable
Matt & Beth Child
Linda Cook
Carol Jean Coombs
Charles & Chris Deneris
Jamie & Annette Dester
Susan Devey
Chris & Julie Doherty
Nancy & David Donaldson, MD
Heather Dopp
Terry & Colleen Eggett
Peter Erickson
Scott Ericson
Chera Fernelius
Ed Fila
Laura Garner-Jones
David & Eden Gillespie
Bill & Tammy Gould
Jared & Natalie Haddock
Mark & Jenni Hamblin
Rick & JoAnn Hanson
Karen Henderson
Stick & Melba Hill
Nels Holmgren
Ken Isaac
Alex & Abbie Isaac-Merrill
Camille Johnson
Stacey & Doug Kasteler, MD
Kent & Grace Larsen
Nate & Laurie Leishman
Jim Malmgren
John & Sara Margetts
Michael & Maria Moody
Alan & Robyn Mortensen
Jennifer Mortenson
Joe & Ellen Mott
Liz & Mike Nafus
Gary Nelson
David & Janet Norman
Jef & Carla Olsen, MD
Terry & Robyn Orchard
Lowell & Laurie Oswald
Judy Ou
Claudia & Dennis Peterson, MD
Jamison & Kristina Pexton
Jed & Merlynn Pitcher
Randy & Susan Ricks
Chuck & Tina Schwab
David & Tiffany Smith
Jennifer Somers
Michael & Susan Stapley
Patrick & Laurel Tanner
Darlene Thayne
Earl & Joyce Thomas
Eliza Thompson
Con Thueson
Danny & Joy Turnblom
Cyd VanDyke
Rick Walsh
Mark Ward
Ray & Isabel Ward
Denise Willmore
Bob & Pam Wing
Kenwyn Derby & Mike Woodruff, MD
Don & Julie Woodward
Seth Wright
Tyler Yeates, MD
Ron Young
Andrew & Laura Zaugg

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Ray Ward Contact Information:
Mobile: (801) 440-8765
Ray Ward was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in November of 2014. He has served 4 terms representing District 19.