A bounty of beautiful options in
art classes!

It's been a challenging couple of years but we are so encouraged to be getting our art classes back to normal! With new teachers (Jamee Linton, Sarah Sedwick, Willow Bader and more to come) plus over 18 in-person classes offered now through the end of Summer, we have a bounty of beautiful options for you! From plein air painting to lino-cut printing and even encaustic classes, we have a wonderful, diverse lineup. And...there's no inflation here, we haven't raised our prices and we are so happy you are back in the studio with us!
~Denise Cole

Take a look at what Cole Art Studio has coming up for YOU!
Cole Art Studio will continue to offer both in-person and online classes ~ check our website for new classes added weekly!
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Here's our lineup for Spring & Summer!

w/ Robin Weiss

IN-PERSON- April 23-24 / 10:30-4:30 pm
Some experience helpful.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in painting outdoors, this is the workshop for you! Learn how to select a scene, how to capture the mood of the setting… and how to make your paintings come alive!

w/ Kimberly Adams

IN-PERSON- April 20-May 1 / 10:30-3:30
Perfect for all levels, including beginners!

Join this fun 2-day workshop to learn how to finger paint! All levels are welcome! Each day is spent painting with instruction as Kimberly leads students through preparing background and placing elements for a waterfall composition. Students will begin to add texture to their prepped canvases, continuing with Kimberly’s step-by-step instruction. Students will have an introduction to perspective and color placement to create depth.

w/ Jamee Linton

IN-PERSONMay 4-29 / 10:30-1:30 pm
Perfect for all levels, including beginners!

Join Jamee for 2 1/2 hours of fun while you learn how to paint bold and loose landscapes in acrylic using layers of texture and vibrant color. Be prepared to work outside of the lines! If you are looking for a way to loosen up your painting style, join Jamee Linton for this 4-class session. Learn how to do each of these realizing there should also be a firm foundation of structure for your paintings using shape, value, color, edges, and center of interest.

w/ Kathy Gale

IN-PERSONMay 7 / 10:30-4:30 pm
Perfect for all levels, including beginners!

Learn how to transform a typical landscape photo into a dramatic painting during this one-day workshop. Join Kathy Gale and learn how to paint a colorful, contemporary impressionist landscape using blocks of color and lots of texture

w/ Janis Graves

IN-PERSON - May 14-15 / 10:30-4:30 pm
Perfect for all levels, including beginners!

During this 2-day workshop, you will cover the basics of this easy & vibrant medium while painting a beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. You will learn surface preparation, composition, and how to choose just the right colors to bring life into your paintings. 

w/Joe Mac Kechnie

IN-PERSON - June 1-29 / 2:00-5:00
Some experience helpful.
Sketchbooks are working tools for the artist and much more than just a notebook for drawing. It is one of the most powerful things you can do to develop your art practice whatever medium you are working in. 

w/ Joe Mac Kechnie
IN-PERSON - June 1-29 / 10:30-1:30
Some experience necessary.

In this 5-week course, artist Joe Mac Kechnie will show you how to use watercolors and how to control watercolor’s quirky properties to produce quality paintings. This workshop is open to artists that have some experience with watercolors but haven’t had the time to advance their skills.

w/ Joe Mac Kechnie
IN-PERSON - June 2-30 / 10:30-1:30
Perfect for all levels, including beginners!

Even if you think you ‘can’t draw a stick figure’, instructor and artist Joe Mac Kechnie will teach you how to draw! During this 5 week class you will learn basic drawing skills and techniques to apply to any object you want to draw. Joe has been teaching this class for over 10 years and his students continue to rave about this encouraging, approachable class!

w/ Joe Mac Kechnie
IN-PERSON - June 2-30 / 2:00-5:00
Some experience necessary.

This 5-week series of drawing classes builds upon what was learned in Beginning Drawing Part I but adds a little color and perspective using techniques to convey motion and movement. Joe is renowned for his ability to capture movement with simple strokes of charcoal and pencil. You will learn the secrets of making your drawings come alive!
w/ Janis Graves

IN-PERSON - June 3 / 6:00-8:30 pm
Perfect for all levels, including beginners!

During this 2 1/2-hour class, you’ll get to try pastels as you paint a colorful crow along with Janis. If you have been wanting to check out this vibrant medium now’s your chance. Schedule a night of fun with friends or family - everyone will go home with a finished painting!

w/ Kimberly Adams

IN-PERSON- June 17-19 / 10:30-3:30
Some experience necessary

This workshop will be a deeper dive into Kimberly’s finger painting techniques, to help you get to the next level in your finger painting. In this advanced 3-day workshop, students can paint a subject of your own choosing! Bring in your own work, whether just starting with a reference photo, or already working on a canvas. You’ll learn how to complete a painting, starting from the beginning concept all the way through to the finished creation. 

w/ Kathleen Moore

IN-PERSON- July 7-28 / 10:30-1:30
Some experience is helpful but all levels invited

There are few things in life we get to witness that are as impressive as the vault of the sky and the ever-changing cloudscapes that it contains. That is the focus this month while we explore color-mixing, brush-handling, and paint application strategies that will give your landscape paintings movement, subtlety, and depth of space.

w/ Robin Weiss

IN-PERSON- July 9-10 / 10:30-4:30 pm
All levels welcome, but a little experience is helpful

Robin Weiss is back with an encore summer plein air class! Starting off at Cole Gallery, you’ll be painting right in Edmonds. This instructor has years of experience sketching, painting, and teaching how to paint outdoors. He will show you how to select a scene, how to capture the mood of the setting… and how to make your paintings come alive! Great for all levels.

w/ Willow Bader

IN-PERSON - July 16-17 / 10:30 - 4:30 pm
All Levels Welcome! Some experience in drawing is helpful

This class will cover encaustic painting techniques for any artist curious about painting images with the medium of wax and resin. Join instructor Willow Bader and find new inspiration as you experiment with a variety of techniques to create representational images full of color and texture. Find out more & sign up!

Check out Willow Bader's show on display at the gallery
now if you want to see examples of her great encaustic art!

w/ Chris Minor

IN-PERSON - July 23 / 10:30 - 4:30 pm
All Levels Welcome! Including Beginners

In this class you'll create a black and white print with one additional color. You will be given a choice of different styles of images. This is a fun, fast-paced class producing great results. While having taken the "Printmaking Basics" class is helpful, it's not a requirement, beginners are welcome.

w/ Amanda Houston

IN-PERSON - August 12-14 / 10:30 - 6 pm
Some experience necessary

Join master pastel artist Amanda Houston in this 3-day workshop to learn the secrets of painting beautiful landscapes from plein air to studio. The perfect combo of being outside to capture the pure light during the height of the warm summer months and bringing your work back inside.Packed with fast-paced design and loosening up exercises, this workshop will take your paintings to the next level.

Private lessons are a great way to get the focus and attention
that you need, at whatever level you find yourself!
Once you are registered, you will work directly with
your instructor to set up days and times that work for you.
Angela Bandurka - oil & acrylic
Kimberly Adams - oil finger painting
Ron Stocke - watercolor
Kim Caldwell - watercolor
Janis Graves - pastel, oil & acrylic in-person at Cole Art Studio
Cheryl Waale - contemporary acrylics
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We care not only about your physical health, but also about your spirit. We are happy to be able
to offer you our online classes during this time, to nourish you in heart & soul.
We hope that they will bring you joy, give you something to look forward to,
and allow you to connect with others in a new way. We all need beauty, creativity, and
connection right now. We hope to be one of the bright places
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