FALL EDITION: October  2017
From the Desk of Dr. Heather
We see a number of wonderful pet patients that recover from ocular surgery under seemingly difficult conditions. But Cooper's story is truly miraculous. After first being diagnosed with diabetes and a splenic mass, he subsequently lost the function of his hind legs and developed a severe cardiac arrhythmia. Then he became blind as a result of cataract formation secondary to the diabetes. Over time, and under the dedicated care of his owner, and Dr. Imrich of Beach Pet Hospital, Cooper's diabetes was managed, the mass in his spleen shrunk, his arrhythmia subsided and he regained function in his hind legs.
With these improvements, Cooper became a candidate for cataract surgery, which we performed in his right eye in July. Since then, this loveable lab is doing well! Mom says he has a new lease on life and they both couldn't be happier.            
We love such outcomes, and we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with our referring veterinarians so that these sweet pets receive the best treatment possible. To that, Animal Vision Center of Virginia has just published the first of what will be a series of Ocular Disease brochures. These informative pamphlets are now available to local veterinarians who may need to discuss common ocular medical issues with their clients and to pet owners so they can learn about certain diseases what to expect of any needed surgical procedures. You can read all about it, and a few tidbits more, in this issue of Insights.
Take care, 
Dr. Heather
New Ocular Conditions Brochures Now Available 
Is my pet a candidate for cataract surgery? How do corneal ulcers form, and what is the treatment? To help with answers to frequently-asked questions such as these, Animal Vision Center of Virginia has just launched our new Ocular Disease brochures series. Available in our office and at veterinary practices throughout the region, these pamphlets provide an overview of common diseases and why they occur; explain what happens if surgery is needed; and include general follow-up care instructions, in addition to helpful diagrams and images. Copies of "Cataracts & Cataract Surgery" and "Corneal Ulcers & Treatment" have just arrived, with a "Glaucoma and Glaucoma Surgery" brochure to be published shortly. In addition, we will soon have a handy "Medication Tips & Tricks" brochure to show you how to administer eye drops, eye ointment and pills to your pets. A note to our referring veterinary practices - if you'd like to have the brochures available during your client consultations, please call us at (757) 749-4838 or send a message to Dr.Heather@AVCVA.com.

Enter our Halloween Costume Contest for Pets! 
We couldn't resist. Each year, we see more and more animal lovers dressing up their pets for Halloween. Hot dogs, vampires, dinosaurs, super heroes, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!). This year we invite you to post pictures of your costumed pets on our Facebook wall for all to see www.facebook.com/AVCVA. Each person who submits a photograph will be entered to win an Animal Vision Center goodie bag filled with fun toys and treats for your pet. We will draw the winning name on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 12 p.m. and announce it on our page. You have until then to show us your cute pets in their fabulous outfits! As you can see, our office mascot Bodhi is already getting into the spirit.

Meet Vet Tech Allyson Payne
We are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, Veterinary Technician Allyson Payne. Born and raised in Cedar Hill, Tennessee, Allyson has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin, where she was accepted in the Veterinary Technology program. After graduation she completed an internship with BluePearl Veterinary Partners of Franklin, Tennessee, followed by a position in the group's ER. She received her Veterinary Technician license in 2016. Today, Allyson is happy to be working in specialty medicine with Animal Vision Center of Virginia. Back in Tennessee, this avid animal lover has two horses, Molly and Luna. Next time you're in, be sure to say hello! 

Veterinarians Night Out, Coming Soon! 
Keep an eye out for an invitation to our next Referring Veterinarian Appreciation Night! This time around, we'll be creating handmade air plant arrangements at Hinterland Trading Company at Town Center in Virginia Beach. Date and details coming soon! These beautiful plants will lend a lovely green look to your practice or home, or as a gift to share with someone special. Date and details coming soon!
In This Issue

Lunch & Learn Program to Cover Vision Loss, Nov. 15
The topic of "Vision Loss: Diagnosis and Restoration of Vision; When is it Possible?" will be the subject of our next Lunch & Learn program, Nov. 15, from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. here in our office. Vision loss in pets can occur as a result of a variety of diseases. As we highlighted in Cooper's story above, he experienced blindness when a cataract formed due to diabetes. Kidney failure and resulting hypertension can also cause it, as well as Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, or SARDS. We will begin our program by exploring the information within the history and signalment that will help point you towards a diagnosis, work through the general differential diagnoses and useful diagnostics of vision loss. Finally, we will cover several cases to illustrate these points with an emphasis on the optimization of return of vision in applicable cases. These accredited continuing education sessions are open and free of charge to our local veterinarians. Please RSVP by Nov. 8 to  Dr.Heather@AVCVA.com .
What our Clients Say  

"Dr. Heather is amazing! She has taken such good care of Cheyenne, our 20 year-old beagle, with glaucoma. Such a clean, relaxed atmosphere with amazing staff. And you never feel rushed. Highly recommend AVCVA."  
Lori C., June 2017 
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