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Bursting with fierily festive colours, here's the final newsletter of 2013.  Even as my painting slows down for the year-end, there seems to be a great deal of news to share, which I've tried to summarise below - there are always updates on my website and on Facebook.

Most of all, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a joy-filled New Year!

Helen xoxox
Print shop now open
BIG BIG NEWS - my new Print Shop is up-and-running!

This means that nearly 80 pieces of art (so far) can be delivered anywhere in the world, custom-ordered online to paper, canvas, acrylic, metal (even to iPhone and Galaxy cases...) to a variety of sizes, framed or unframed.

Delivered swiftly internationally with a 30 day guarantee and prices that start at around �40.

There's even an app so you can easily view the finished product hanging on your own wall against your colours and furnishings!

Quick links have been added directly to the artwork on my website or you can use the link below go to my shop.

The book is here!
It was such a thrill to receive my delivery from the publishers last week - and it has been so heart-warming to witness the reactions of fellow contributors around the world as they received their words in print!

This compilation of true and hugely inspiring stories explores the way the energy we put into our relationships - personal or business - has the ability to touch and transform lives. 

These subtler aspects of our interactions are so often overlooked and yet are so core to everything that unfolds in our lives. This book makes such a wonderful gift, offering broadened perspective and newly focused mindset as we step into the all-new territory of 2014.

Be inspired by so many reminders that all of our interactions with others really (become) matter!

Order yours in time for Christmas

Solar max
Coinciding with the sun being at its liveliest for a decade, I seem to have been painting its fiery glow even more than usual for the time of year...reds, golds and burnished oranges with the kind of energy that bursts off the canvas.

A gentler light has also rolled in this autumn - as with this recent work inspired by an October break in Cornwall. Recent themes have also included light coming in through gauzy curtains and reflecting off rippling pools...

Check out the full-range of this autumn's new work online


Its been a busy few weeks, starting with the HACG Exhibition in Henley where my painting Light Grounding was awarded BEST IN SHOW (lovely surprise). A big thankyou to Rotary Club for organising the Reading Art Exhibition - first year I've taken part so I was amazed to see such a huge turnout over the weekend. I received a HIGHLY COMMENDED award for Sunset on Snow, which is now hanging on someone's wall in time for Christmas (I love it when a painting finds a new home).

COMING UP: February sees the SPRING EXHIBITION once again at Gallery Fifty Five, Hartley Wintney and so I am busy putting together some glowing moments for that. Then, across a broad ocean, I have Parisienne Window being featured on a wall of digital displays in the see.me booth at SCOPE Art Fair Miami (touted as the largest art fair in the world attracting 300,000+ visitors) between 3rd - 8th December so that's good to know, even if I don't get to pop along for a cocktail in the beach-front pavilion! Its been a truly great, quite remarkably adventurous year. 

Thank you all so much for your support, which is very deeply appreciated. Have a marvelous end to the year and I look forward to keeping in touch with more art-news next year.
"12 by 12 OFFER"

Soulful Relationships has its Official Launch Day on 12th December, when the publishers LSKA will be holding a launch event following which it will be released to bookshops and online booksellers worldwide. Several previous books in the Adventures in Manifesting series have proved to be Bestsellers. Each edition is an eclectic mix of stories from household names that have included the likes of Marianne Williamson and (as featured in this edition) Bob Doyle alongside 'ordinary' folk with a heartfelt story to tell.  Its a formula that seems to work so very well!

Since I have a great pile of pre-issue books just waiting to be signed and sent out and it is, after all, the gifting season, I am offering a 25% discount on orders placed for a week from today until 12/12, which is very near cost price for these lovely books.

To order at this SPECIAL PRE-LAUNCH PRICE, drop me a line using the link below and I will send you a Paypal request for just �12 - simply quote "12 by 12 OFFER" in your subject header and I will acknowledge the order by return!


To grab your copy of Soulful Relationships at the pre-launch special price of �12 - message