Newsletter | March 2023
Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary
and Herbal Stable Yard
We've been so busy!

We "took the plunge" and put Peanut in the pen with Pumpkin! Now, they're a bonded pair! I was stunned at how much bigger Pumpkin is than Peanut. Until they got right beside each other, I didn't realize it.

This video is funny - they were best buds from the "get go", but had some feisty moments later when we were ready to feed supper!
We also broke Quarantine for Cassi and put her in her own pen/shelter beside the track system. Rachel got a fly mask on her. The herd is in love with her!

She will have to gain strength to join them, if it seems like a good choice for her "down the road".
She got a Myo-fascial Release session.
The new modular barn is set up with the fences and the roof shelter for grooming, Vet work and hoof trimming is ready for rubber mats.
The weather turned on us (rainy and windy!), so Andy and Sage were moved to the new barn.
Cassi is getting proper sleep now.
The Shade for Horses Fundraiser is on April 1st at Woody's Gift Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
We'll have new T Shirts with Billy's art for sale, Peanut approved!
We have three "islands" where trees and bushes will be planted within the track system. These will provide shade and windbreak for the herd.
This is how we envision the largest island will look! The water-wise trees will be desert willows, ash and Afghan pine with hawthorn berry bushes (all non-toxic).
Clean water is essential for good health. All the horses at both stable yards were drinking heaps of water - until the weather changed to rain, wind and cooler temps! Big sloppy wet bran mashes were handed out immediately. Some people call it "colic weather", we jump on proactive methods to prevent the decrease in gut motility!
Herbs are a vital addition to the mashes we serve. We mix the Dharmahorse supplement seasonally to provide the nutrients and healing factors needed by the horses as a whole. Individual herbs are given when needed to individual horses.
White Willow Bark (and all willows, all parts) is anti-inflammatory. Unlike drugs (aspirin, Bute, etc.) that irritate the stomach, willow has GI tract soothing compounds.
Parsley leaves and root are supportive of the renal system and aid digestion. Horses love fresh parsley leaves and dry parsley can be mixed into mashes.
A Peanut-size pipe pen! Mark cut old, battered pipe panels in half and we have a nice pen now to take to the fundraiser for Peanut!

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Educational pages on the website
In keeping with our focus upon Educational Outreach, we have three new pages on the website.

Educational Modules have care and handling information.

We gathered some of Katharine's Articles from Horse Magazines.

Educational Videos on care, equipment and more
We see each horse here as an individual with physical, mental and emotional needs that are dynamic and fluctuate with the weather, the seasons, their changing bodies as they age and who they live with as a herd.

If you want to help a specific horse, you can sponsor his or her hay costs for a month:

Scroll to the bottom of the page for details on how to donate/sponsor.
If you can help us with funds to provide the special care these individuals need we would be so grateful. Some were abandoned, starving and blind; some were declared hopeless and heading for euthanasia or slaughter; some were brutalized; some orphaned and injured; some were cherished by owners who passed over or became ill or injured. Each horse needed to be in Sanctuary and we took them in as family.

You can use this DONATE button to access our website & donate from there. If you want to send a check, the address is 6874 Coyote Road, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 88012. Make checks to Dharmahorse. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

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Dharmahorse Herbal
We use herbal supplements (of our own making) to support the good health of all the horses here. We make remedies for healing from plants! It's called "phytotherapy".

"Arctium lappa" - Burdock

Burdock is a blood purifier, system cleanser that is considered safe for our dogs, our horses and for us. It is used as a liver tonic, for arthritis, to heal the skin internally and externally and to support glandular/lymphatic health. The root is used and is made into a "decoction" by simmering slowly in water in a non-metal pot for a half hour, covered. Or, you can feed the cut and sifted root to horses in their concentrates, one tablespoon every day for 10 to 14 days as a loading dose, one teaspoon per day as maintenance for 28 days. You can give medium size dogs a big pinch of the powder or a capsule daily for 10 days. People take one capsule twice daily for 2 to 4 weeks.
Burdock is one of the roots that animals dig up and eat in the Spring, knowing instinctively that their bodies will benefit from the tonic effect. If you have skin problems, puffiness around glands, have had exposure to pesticides (asparagus should included in this case!) or have been eating poorly, BURDOCK will clean up the systems. The FDA has not approved these statements. 
Of course, always consult a holistic health care practitioner in cases of disease or injury.

Our Herbal Guide has information on the herbs we use for the horses with recipes and safety guidelines:

We don't do this for donations, we need donations to do this!

We wish you well. We hold this planet and all who fly with her in love & light.
Katharine, Mark & the Dharma Horses