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Pressure Press | August 2016
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Take a minute and hear from Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Founder of IHHP and co-author of the New York bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, on why certification makes sense.


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The Benefits of Certifying Internal Trainers:
A case for certification.
In our newly released case study, Kerri Dobszewicz, Senior Learning Consultant at Allstate Canada, discusses the benefits and business impact of investing in certifying internal trainers to deliver IHHP training. 
According to Kerri, "We wanted to become certified to deliver the training through an internal facilitator so we could ensure it was delivered in our language, with our context, making it even more relevant to Allstate managers by tying in our survey results and specific business challenges."
Kerri added, "There was also cost savings to having an internal trainer. IHHP's facilitators are fantastic, but we could reach more people with the same budget by becoming certified to deliver the program ourselves."

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Some of our many certification grads!
Top 6 Reasons to get Certified.

Here are 6 reasons why certifying yourself and/or your facilitators in IHHP's Performing Under Pressure training curriculum can have a far-reaching and lasting impact on your organization and its culture.

The Privilege of Pressure - As you watch the Games, here is something to look for or listen for: how does an athlete 'frame' the pressure of the occasion? Read our blog on how pressure is a privilege. #Rio2016 
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