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"There is no use in your walking five miles to fish when you can depend on being just as unsuccessful at home."
~Mark Twain
Message From The President
Welcome to the November 2020 newsletter.

Fortunately cooler weather has arrived and no snow in the valley. Unfortunately we have not gotten any moisture as elsewhere in Arizona and the west.

While the corona virus is still limiting everyone's activities some outside events have been held that comply with safe and social distancing guidelines.

As mentioned in prior newsletters, AZTU has created a new Arizona Council Conservation Committee (ACCC) with events. The ACCC has a lake clean-up and fishing outing scheduled for this month on the Mogollon Rim. Check them out and sign up for these events below.
Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation Fund (AZSFWC) the license plate fund has a great fundraiser for a brand-new 2020 Ford Raptor. AZTU Council, as well and by extension the Zane Grey chapter, has benefited from these funds. See the raffle article below. 

Check out the past and upcoming activities below for a chance to get outdoors and enjoy our weather.

Here are some of the articles in this month's Newsletter.

  • Education Carping At Kiwanis Recap
  • Public Policy Activities
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Bringing People Together
  • Women’s Activities – Virtual Book Club
  • AZSFWC 2020 Ford Raptor Raffle
  • Woods Canyon Cleanup & Fishing Outing - October 24th
  • Willow Springs Cleanup & Fishing Outing - November 7
  • Other Angling organizations
  • ZGTU and affiliates calendar 
  • Follow ZGTU on Social Media 

 We’ve gone virtual!!!!
Please join us for our next board tele-conference meeting:
Thursday, November 5, 2020 7:00 - 8:45 PM
Join Zoom Meeting here

Meeting ID: 862 8257 4742
Password: ZGTU2020
Until then, 
Tight Lines. 
Alan Davis
Carping At Kiwanis - Urban Fishing Recap
Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to instruct, encourage and familiarize 24 novice fly fisher carp anglers with the secrets of carp fishing in an urban setting. 

A special shout out to Tom Horvath and Joe Staller for heading up the event and to Alan Davis, Vince Deadmond, Scott English, Paul Holmes, Kristen Kile and Ken Wolf for lending their patience and expertise to the event. We received numerous thanks from the participants who came from as far away as Tucson and Dewy! 

Several people wanted to know when we were going to do this again. So please stand by...

ADWR's Role in Managing AZ's Water and its Role in Water Adjudication in AZ
At our October meeting on Tuesday, October 13th t 7:00 PM, Vineetha Kartha from the Arizona Department of Water Resources gave an excellent presentation on AZ water resources, policies, laws, challenges, etc. Her colleague, Glen Buettner, who is responsible for water adjudication at ADWR also presented. This dovetails well with the presentation Sarah Porter gave during our September meeting (see below). The presentations by Ms. Kartha and Mr. Buettner are available at this link: ADWR Presentation
The issue is essentially that, because the rights to water have not been decided in the courts, many new wells are being drilled near our rivers which are depleting the surface water.

Water Adjudication in AZ
During our meeting on September 8th, Sarah Porter, Director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at the Morrison Institute of ASU, delivered a very informative presentation on the history of water rights adjudication in AZ, why it is critically important to all Arizonans and what can be done to accelerate the process. Because of its relevance to the presentation by ADWR, we are providing the link again in this month's newsletter to Sarah Porter's presentation: here.
The AZTU Public Policy Committee (PPC) hosts a virtual meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 until 8:00 PM. If you are interested, please contact Tom Osterday at [email protected]

Bringing People Together
The purpose behind Trout Unlimited's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative is to make conservation—often introduced through the love of fly fishing—available to more people. The goal of having our TU membership better reflect the overall population of the places we live will help us engage more and different people in our mission of cold water conservation. During the 2020 TU Annual Meeting held virtually October 25, this important area of focus was stressed again as a way to keep our mission front and center.

More and different minds will help solve the more and different challenges of cold water conservation. 

How do we as TU members work toward this goal? Unity. While our country seems to have exchanged politics for sports as our national pass time, rabid “fans” of both parties could focus on unity and not winning at any cost. Zane Grey TU challenges our members to promote a culture of shared responsibility for our environment and to realize that unity and diversity are not opposites. 

The challenge is whether we can pivot from divisiveness to unity and inclusion and how we can move forward together.
Women's Virtual Book Club: 

Dying To Fly Fish - A Max Addams Mystery
by David Leitz

Need more info? Contact Sara Westfall: [email protected]  

Next conversation: Thursday, November 19, 6 PM

Join us whether you've read the book or not! 

Call In: 712-432-0220 (Access code: 4632017)
Social media: Sara Westfall has started an Instagram page for Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited. Check it out: azwotu. If you're more traditional, try signing up for the private Facebook group: Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited.
Woods Canyon Lake Cleanup and Fishing Outing a Success!
On October 24th 15 volunteers spent 2 hours doing a clean-up of the lake shore line before spending time fishing at the lake. Reports have been that it was a successful project in gathering a pickup truck load of trash in a short period of time. The US Forest Service staff were very appreciative of the cleanup.

Reports of fun enjoying the time outdoors and fishing also made the day a success.
Willow Springs Lake Cleanup and Fishing Outing
The AZTU Conservation Committee's is hosting a clean-up and fishing trip to Willow Springs Lake, November 7. This lake gets tremendous angler visits and pressure throughout the summer. Unfortunately, these visitors produce quite a bit of trash and often leave fishing line along the shore. Monofilament fishing line, in particular is hazardous to a variety of wildlife inhabiting the lake and the shoreline areas.
While a lake clean-up may seem a rather mundane conservation committee project; it is a great way for folks to meet, rather than by Zoom, and at the same time accomplish something good for the lakes and the environment.

Register for this event below:

AZSFWC Truck Raffle
The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited and Zane Grey chapters have been members of the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) for many years and have been the recipient of many grants from their Conservation License Plate Fund.

The AZSFWC is conducting a raffle for a 2020 Ford Raptor vehicle. Raffle tickets are $20 each, or 6 for $100, with the drawing at the end of December 2020.

Buy Tickets here.

Did you know? ...

Five Things Your Fishing License Does for Conservation While You Catch Fish
  • Improve Fishing and Boating Access
  • Enhance Water Quality
  • Maintain Fish Habitat
  • Teach and Recruit New Anglers
  • Plan Long-Term Conservation
Now that fall has arrived; there are many fishing opportunities; don't miss signing up for the Trout Challenges in Arizona and in the West.
Arizona's Trout Challenge was developed to encourage anglers to learn more about fishing opportunities in the state. AZGFD manages many waters statewide to provide anglers the opportunity to catch several different species of trout, including two found only in the Southwest - the Gila Trout and Apache Trout.
There are two ways for anglers to complete the Challenge: Catch four species of wild trout in Arizona and catch at least six of the eight total species in Arizona. 
More information and to apply can be found at Arizona Trout Challenge.
The Western Native Trout Challenge - If you have been looking for another lifetime challenge to add to your list this could be it.
The Western Native Trout Challenge invites anglers to help celebrate our western legacy by catching native trout and char in each of the 12 participating western states, at their own pace. By attempting to catch 18 species throughout 12 states (at the master angler level) participants can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!
Information and signup at Western Native Trout Challenge
Looking for a Fishing Opportunity?
Below is a list of fishing organizations in Arizona. Feel free to join, explore, visit their websites or attend a meeting to find out more information:
Arizona Flycasters Club
Sunnyslope Community Center | 802 E. Vogel Ave. Phoenix, AZ
Link To Website

Fly-Fishing Social Event night - 2nd Thursday of each month. Great speaker and awesome raffle. Donations support our Community outreach partners from Veterans to Youth activities.
Desert Fly Casters
Check website for details.

General meeting 2nd Wednesday of each month. There may be some exceptions so check website for details.
Sun City Grand Fishing Club
Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club
Payson Fly Casters
White Mountains Fly Fishing Club
White Mountains Lake Foundation
AZFISHBOOK offers a variety of social activities. Listed below are some of the activities available.

Check out the AZFISHBOOK Groups at:

Looking for buddy to fish with?
Signup for AZFishBook Newsletter:
Committee Volunteers
As always, there are many opportunities to participate in the various activities and committees, make new friends and make a difference. For more information, visit our website at ZGTU Committees, contact us at Volunteer Interest Signup or contact any ZGTU Board Member for details.
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Your Conservation License Plate Supports TU Programs
The Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) license plate fund is derived from the sale of wildlife conservation license plates and member organizations as well as non-member organizations are eligible to apply for those funds. 

The Arizona TU Council and Chapters have received funds over the past seven years in support of the Annual Native and Wild Trout Conferences and the Trout-In-the-Classroom programs.
The next time your registration comes up for renewal, choose the conservation license plate option at registration to show your support for conservation and our projects. 
Combined Calendar 
AZ Trout Unlimited & Chapters, Arizona Flycasters Club and several other area fishing and conservation calendars
You may access our calendar here
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