Vescent Photonics proudly offers the finest in precision lasers and laser control.

Vescent Photonics is the world leader in small, robust lasers for atomic physics. 

We offer a complete ATOM-REFERENCED, FREQUENCY-AGILE LASER SYSTEM which starts with a master laser locked to a Doppler-free hyperfine transition. Samples of the master and slave lasers are beat against each other to create an optical heterodyne beat note which is down-converted to the rf and used to close the loop on a true, frequency-agile phase lock.  

From box-to-lock in under an hour and only one square foot for the electro-optics! Visit our website for more details.

If you plan on building your own laser, our modular instruments are designed to be easy to integrate.  Whether your challenge is minimum current noise for your diode laser, locking your laser to a reference, or temperature control, Vescent Photonics can provide an off-the-shelf solution to the most demanding conditions.

DRIVING DIODE LASERS has never been quieter than with the Vescent D2-105 Laser Controller. It has the lowest current noise available with <100 pA/√Hz noise density. It not only features the lowest noise, but it also offers the most flexible control and modulation I/O with bandwidth from DC to over 1.5 GHz.  As a complete diode laser controller, the D2-105 has two independent channels of PID temperature control each capable of sub-millikelvin stabilization of the diode chip with a properly designed plant.

Tightly SERVO A LASER TO AN ERROR SIGNAL  with the D2-125  Reconfigurable Servo .  With a full PI 2 D loop filter transfer function over a bandwidth from DC  to 10 MHz, the D2-125 will lock just about any laser (not just diode lasers), stabilizing its frequency, amplitude, or pointing.  The D2-125 offers a built-in ramp for easy lock set up and an auxiliary output for long-lived locks. TTL control over the output and its unique feature Lock Guard  both help deliver laser control into your hands.

 for laser gain media, non-linear crystals, PICs, and other crucial components is now available from our new SLICE-QT Four-channel Temperature Controller. 40 W of user-assignable regulation power controlled via a touch screen, GUI, or serial commands makes temperature control a snap - especially with SLICE's interlocking capabilities.

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