Sunday, May 5, 2019

Claire Lehmann on another assault on free inquiry and a petition in support of academic Noah Carl.

Doriane Labelet Coleman is a former running champion who was an expert legal witness in The Court of Argitration for Sport case regarding Caster Semenya and sex in elite athletics. She delves underneath the headlines of a complicated issue.

The evidence bears out what many suspect: that our belief in biological determinism depends on our politics and the situation.

A look into the growing anti-natal movement and the tendency to assume environmental doomsday is nigh.

Why politicians and business leaders tend to push ideas against their interests, like America's Green New Deal.

The UK might be leading the pack when it comes to crafting aggressive laws based on exaggerated fears.

You can have lust without love and vice versa. Being honest about this and knowing the tricks our brains will play is key to healthy relationships, says Debra Soh.

The writer of "Less Than Zero" and "American Psycho" delivers his first non-fiction book, "White," about US culture in the era of Trump.

A comedian examines the difficulty in telling jokes when it might be the opposite of virtue signalling.

The last instalment in Matt McManus' series on totalitarian philosophers looks past Heidegger's unacceptable politics into his fearless drive for truth.

Some lessons we work on for a lifetime. Brad Cran digs into the episodes that tried to teach him about empathy.

One man remembers his wife's struggle with cancer and the difficulty in accepting we all must go our own way.
"The editors at Quillette steadfastly support the foundational principles of open inquiry and free thought. While we are not academics, we are gravely concerned that an injustice to a young scholar has occurred in this particular instance, and that more broadly, academic freedom is buckling under political pressure. If the custodians of Cambridge are unable to protect its distinguished history and foundational principles, it is up to all of us to take a stand in support of them."

Quillette has created a petition in support of Noah Carl. Click to read more and see some of the hundreds of academics who have signed the petition so far.

Headline Rhymes
Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

In Easton Ellis' "American Psycho"

Horror comes with Huey Lewis and Phil Collins

Maybe the soundtrack to his Trump-era non-fiction

Should feature "Liar" by
Henry Rollins


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This week, Greg Ellis reads  The High Price of Stale Grievances , Coleman Hughes’s essay about whether the historic injustices suffered by African-Americans is a good reason for holding them to different standards than Americans of European ancestry.

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