Cultivating Leadership                                                                          April 2016
A core paradox of adult development--& 3 things to do with it
Here's the core paradox for the developmentally-oriented leader or coach of having adult development deep in your understanding: we think knowing adult development theory will make us go faster as we quickly categorise people into their adult development stages. But actually adult development makes us slower and more curious as we become deeply interested in the way others make sense of the world (and in the way we do too). Curiosity slows us down, but it also opens us up to make us listen more deeply.
Once we're slow, there are particular moves we can make as we try to have developmental conversations. Whether you're a leader or a coach using developmental theory in your practice, in my blog--and in Bob Kegan's class last week--I talk about the three I find perhaps most easily practiced.
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An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization
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Kegan and Lahey's new book will knock your socks off. It is an exploration of what happens when organisations take the growth of their people as seriously as the growth of their business. Looking at three Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDOs) and a variety of fledgling ones, this book will challenge everything you've ever believed about the separation of learning and performance.

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Want a broad and deep developmental experience? In June, Jennifer is joining her friends at Mobius Leadership in suburban Boston for a keynote in their Next Practice Institute which will be a fantastic development opportunity for leaders and those who support them. Others in the exciting line up are Harvard neuroscientist Srinivasan Pillay, Mobius's Erica Ariel Fox, Otto Scharmer, Harvard teaming expert Amy Edmondson, Cultivating Leadership's Zafer Achi, and more. 
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