October 19, 2016
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Ingrid DeHart is a former Natural Foods Chef and Restaurant Owner, now a Food Blogger, Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner.
Ingrid passionately supports women to eat well and love their body any size, age or weight.  It all came from being an anorexic teenager and healing her own relationship with food and self abuse.  This journey led her to discover the healing power of natural foods and the life-changing tools she needed to love and care for herself.
She shows her clients making small changes how they think and what they eat has a powerful impact on the way they feel.  As a Professional Natural Foods Chef she teaches her clients how to easily prepare healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying.
She uses the most powerful transformational tools in modern psychology to help her clients reduce cravings and self-doubt while increasing confidence and self-love.  Her gentle approach shows how making small shifts in the way we think and feel transforms our life.  Her clients go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed - to feeling healthy, happy and glowing.  They learn a lifestyle that truly nourishes and sustains them.

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As part of the Eat Well Enjoy Life Community you know I am committed to the health of your good gut bacteria.

You have probably heard that the environment inside of your gut (intestines) is teeming with microbes. The make-up of that microbial population has a big influence on your health... not just your digestive health, but your immune, metabolic, hormonal and mental health as well!
Your microbiome is the living ecosystem comprised of your body's bacteria.  Those bacteria, which outnumber the cells in your body, set the stage for every single health situation you may encounter - whether it's your focus and drive, your digestive wellness or your immune function.
Why I'm a fan of kraut
There are a number of ways to feed the microbiome for optimal health.  One of the most time tested ways is to eat fermented foods like sauerkraut and kim chi daily.
Sauerkraut is the ancient art of fermenting and pickling vegetables that dates back thousands of years.  It is a naturally occurring process that is prepared without heat or pasteurization. Our ancestors ate fermented foods. It helped them survive by preserving food without refrigeration.  It also boosted the population of their internal bacteria to keep their body resistant to infection and disease. We still benefit from these foods today. 
"When you make sauerkraut you are in fact concocting a vessel full of enzymes, lactobacilli and an alkaline reactive food source... a powerhouse of nutrition for your stomach, intestines, organs and entire body." Sandor Katz
Sauerkraut is a superfood for the digestive system and is known for its effects at reestablishing a balanced inner ecology.  It is packed with nutrients.  Raw cultured vegetables help to rebuild the immune system as well as detoxify the body. 
Cultured vegetables become alkaline in the body.  This helps to reestablish the proper balance of pH levels in the intestinal tract.
Sauerkraut Health Benefits
  • Aids digestion, helps to break down foods into usable nutrients
  • Forms a shield of friendly flora in the intestinal wall, preventing the spread of yeast overgrowth and other pathogenic organisms
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Detoxifies and cleans the colon of undigested waste
  • Restores the balance of beneficial organisms
  • Helps with constipation and weight loss
  • Promotes the balance of acid/alkalinity in the body
  • Neutralizes anti-nutrients found in many foods like: phytic acid in grains and trypsin inhibitors
  • High in vitamins C and B
Eating kraut regularly is a great way to boost your internal "medicine cabinet"
Our ancestors most likely ate cultured foods on a regular basis to survive. 

Eating kraut regularly helped keep the balance between the bad bacteria they were naturally exposed to and the good bacteria they were born with and needed to keep plentiful for good health. 
These days with all the bad bacteria we are exposed to from the air, water and toxins, it is more important now than ever to build up our army of good guys. 

So many conditions, such as candida overgrowth, bone thinning and especially inflammation in the body, are a result of eating too many acidic-type foods that build up excess levels of acids in the digestive system.  These acids leak out into the blood and lymph.  Cultured vegetables transform into an alkaline-rich food when consumed and reduce your acidic levels. 
Lets Get Some Kraut
  • Make sure it's raw and has live cultures. How do you know? It will be in the refrigerated section (usually near the miso and tempeh). If it's not refrigerated it's been pasteurized. That means the good bacteria's been killed (and that's not what you want!). 
  • Kraut is typically made with green or red cabbage and salt.  It's that simple! The bacteria come from the air. Other veggies like carrots and beets are also good fermenters. You can experiment with kraut that includes other veggies or unique combinations like curry, jalapeño, garlic, sea vegetables or ginger.  It should not have any vinegar.
  • Kraut and other ferments will last a long time in the fridge. Probably up to a year, but hopefully you'll eat it much sooner!
  • A little goes a long way when it comes to kraut.  Start out slowing to prevent getting gas. Think of kraut more as a condiment not a side dish. Have one to three forkfuls with each meal to boost digestion and give yourself a steady, daily dose of the good guys your gut needs. 
  • Eat a little bit daily.  Maintaining bacterial health means staying in touch - with your "culture". Get in the habit of eating a little bit daily with dinner and your digestion will improve.
  • Kimchi is fermented like kraut but it's a traditional Korean food, usually made with Nappa cabbage, carrots, and a blend of spices. If you like spicy, kimchi might be the fermented food for you. Even "normal" grocery stores often carry kimchi.  It can be found in Asian grocery stores too.
My Favorite Brands of Kraut

Available in most Whole Foods and other health food stores, They have unique flavor combinations, Arame Ginger, Dill and Garlic , Madras Curry Cauliflower, Red Beet and Red Cabbage.  Find the one that tantalizes your taste buds while keeping your belly happy.
WildBrine also has 3 varieties of Kimchi (Japanese, Thai, and Korean) plus fermented salsas and pickles.  

Inspired by the slow food movement, professional chef, Kathryn Lukas founded Farmhouse Culture after years of experimenting with krauts in her kitchen. Her blends are as unique as her packaging (which she designed after working with traditional kraut artists in Europe.)
If you're a pickle lover, try the Garlic Dill Pickle (tastes just like you think it will!) Or one of the other flavorful blends including Ginger Beet, Kimchi, Smoked Jalapeño, Horseradish Leek or Classic Caraway.

If you are in the New York area this company has been making kraut since 1999.  They have many varieties.  Plain, Caraway, Curry, and Jalapeno sauerkrauts; Ginger Carrots, Kim Chee; Beet Kvass; Hot Pepper Sauce and Plain Sauerkraut Juice as well as seasonal offerings. Find them at the Union Square Farmers market or in many health food stores in the area.
Next time you head to the store, put kraut on your grocery list and say hello to good gut health!
If you're in need of some focused gut loving, colon cleansing, and perhaps an increase in "culture", now is the time to sign up for the Nourishing Fall Food Clean-Up Cleanse 
We begin on Monday, November 7, and we'll be focusing our attention on supporting and cleansing your colon, the place that the majority of the bacteria in your body calls home!
Registration for the Nourishing Foods Fall Cleanse is open now.
Let's come together to bring more culture to our colons during our cleanse.

Email me if you have any questions about the cleanse.
Black Bean Zucchini Burgers

Here is one of the recipes we making on the cleanse. It is easy to prepare and high in fiber and protein.  I serve these savory, slightly smoky vegan burgers with kim chi and
Click over to the blog for the recipe and please leave a comment to let me know how you like them.
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