Happy New Year!

How's it going? Are you feeling life speed up like I am? I've been thinking what's my 11 year plan for living a great life while combating climate change? More on that when I have something more useful to share than stop having kids and drive a Prius :)
And, stop having kids and switch to a Prius (or live car free...). Currently, I'm working with a group of people on some low-hanging fruit which has to do with ending our use of 2-stroke engines - gas-powered leaf-blowers, I'm looking at you ! And lawnmowers and other lawn care equipment, too. And Motocross. I go into this in the article below, too. Here's something simple you can do - pass this document along to your landscaping company or the one that does your neighbor's yard :) Or, re-post the text on Nextdoor.com.

In other, possibly more fun news - we're hosting the group Five Letter Word at a house concert at our place on Friday, March 22nd. Five Letter Word are lovely - come and join us for this intimate concert.
Opening and Closing Doors

There is a door at my local yoga studio, Yoga Union, which leads to the outside world. People come in and out of the building all day long. Some open the door and then let it slam shut. Others, take a little more time and close the door with a...

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Why Do We Hurt Ourselves and Each Other?

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make my neighborhood and world a better place to live. Sometimes I'm focused on climate change issue - big ticket items like population growth or stopping clear-cutting. But much of the time I think...

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Here's my schedule and what I would like company for . I'd also love to be performing more house concerts - if you'd like to host me, please get in touch !

Early April: I'm planning a road trip (possibly via LA or Boise) to Kansas City. Want to come? If you live "along the way" - I'd love to visit and possibly do singalong house concerts on the way there and back. Tentative 4.5-6 in LA. Definite: KC 4.12-15 for a family reunion. Then, back to Portland via undetermined route. Possibly camping... One less plane trip.

May 4th - 19th I'll be in the Philly area. I'd love company at our cabin in Sumneytown, PA for a Manatees show on 5.10 and my birthday on May 11th . I am open to area visits (NYC!), too.

June : 20th-23rd - Summer Solstice Healing Retreat - contact Breitenbush to find out when tickets go on sale. One of my favorite events all year - my 25th time, I think. June 26-July 1st - World Domination Summit in Portland with Marcia Wiley. There will be one more sale of tickets for this coming up. Find out more, here .

July : 10-15 - Oregon Country Fair booth L12 - Wileyware. 18th-22nd Northwest String Summit . I'd love camping company for this one. So far it's me, Mo and Paul!

August 9-12 - Beloved Festival . Join me for year 12! August 25-30th - Summer Music in the Pines (same place as PSGW) open format jam camp on the Kitsap Peninsula! This happens at the same time as Singing Alive . August 25th-September 2nd is also Burning Man - so, TBD - if I can get tickets/parking pass, I may go!

Leave the Leaves! I've hired someone to make this image - eventually I'll have patches for sale. Click on the image to be kept informed about updates to the leaf-blower issue - btw, we have HB 3350 in Salem - a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in Oregon. Feel free to share this image in any way you wish!
Thanks for reading and being part of the Eleven each month. It's an honor to be a part of your life. I hope things are going well and that your life is fulfilling and full of love, friendship and great food.

Love, Albert

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3 Great Reasons to have a newsletter for Friends and Family

I've been using email to send out a newsletter to my friends and family for the past 11 years. The response has been fantastic and it's made me a believer in taking the time to send word to your personal network on a regular basis.

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