May, 2015
Issue: 6

A Day of Success, Merced is #Health4All

About 250 people gather at Tenaya Middle School on Friday to discuss the plight of undocumented immigrants who are currently excluded from the Affordable Care Act. (Photo Sun Star / Ana Ibarra)
  • The lack of health coverage connected to hospitalizations and poor academics..."There is a correlation between low grades and low attendance due to poor health.." [Ana Ibarra / Sun Star]
  • Monica Adrian is a #Health4all advocate from the Merced County Office of Education... "I believe all people in this country deserve health care and medical service.."    
  • Many in the crowd were disappointed to learn that Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) and Assemblyman Adam Gray (D-Merced) would not be in attendance, despite earlier promises to attend. 


  • "It doesn't matter if someone was born in California, or if California was born in them, everyone should have access to preventative health care." [Miranda Myers / Sun Star LTE]

We are Here, We are United: Immigration Day

Youth advocates of Merced Organizing Project at Immigrant Day 2015 (Photo by BHC Merced)
  • Hundreds of immigrants advocates and residents through out California convened in Sacramento yesterday (May, 18th) for the annual tradition of Immigrant Day.
  • Immigrant Day was a day of advocacy, education and unity, where supporters, advocates, and immigrant communities of California raised a unified voice in Sacramento to support state proposals that are pertinent to immigrants and the prosperity of all ie #Health4All, #OneCalifornia.
  • Over 43 Merced County residents participated in this year's Immigrant Day in efforts to persuade local assembly and state lawmakers on the need of access to health care for undocumented individuals in our county. 
  • Thank you to our amazing partners and community leaders as well as the residents that participated and voiced their support for #Health4All


  • Democratic legislative leaders are pushing a package of bills this year to expand legal protections for immigrants living in California illegally
  • [Video] State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon rallys undocumented immigrants for #ImmDay15. [Alexei Koseff / Sac Bee]


  • Over-policed and Underserved..."Today, activists and policy makers alike are calling for an end to oppressive and racist policing..."


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