On Sunday, February 18 th , a mission team from Third Church descended upon CrossOver’s Richmond Clinic with spackle, paintbrushes, and toolboxes. This team, made up of adults and children, repaired holes in the walls, touched up scuff marks, spackled “dings” in the walls, and gave the clinic a gentle facelift.

Too often when we are in the midst of our daily work, attending to our patients, things happen. A small child sits in his chair and kicks repeatedly at the wall, a staff member bumps the paper towel dispenser and it dislodges, the old plumbing twists and turns and the sink begins to drip. We keep our heads down and plug on with our busy days not noticing these things.

When a group quietly arrives on the weekend, and fills the holes, re-hangs the dispenser, tightens the valves, and paints it all up again, they make our work environment a nicer place to be for us and our patients.