Recipe of the Month: Strawberry Zucchini Relish Fruit Dip

Here is a step-by-step video on how to make a delicious fruit dip to serve with your favorite apples.
Here's the link to the printable version of this recipe.
Strawberry HOT Relish
Strawberry Hot Relish was so popular after it's introduction last year that we are bringing it back again for the holidays. It's sweet and spicy and flavorful.

If you haven't tried it before, here is what you can use it for:

- serve over cream cheese with water crackers
- serve with pork or chicken
- add it to your salad for some fruity kick

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RelishThis is available at various farmers markets in Central PA and Maryland.

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Vendor of the Month
  Peggy's Silver Spoon

Peggy's Silver Spoon is located in the West Shore Farmer's Market and this week marks Peggy's 25th Year in business!  Congratulations!

Peggy's Silver Spoon is a gourmet food shop that is a foodie's best friend.  If you are looking for a spice, olive oil or pasta that you can't find anywhere else you are likely to find it at Peggy's Silver Spoon.

Some of what you will find in her shop includes:
  • 118 different spices
  • Sixty different types of pasta
  • Olive oil from different parts of the world
  • Soup mixes
  • Gluten-free and organic items
Need a custom gift basket for the chef/foodie in your family?  You can handpick everything you want in your gift basket and take it home the same day to your special gourmet food lover.

Peggy is your "go-to girl for cooking items" if she doesn't carry it, she will make an effort to find it for you!

Stop by the West Shore Farmers Market on Tuesday from 9 -2; Friday from 7:30 - 6 or Saturday from 8 - 2.  For more information contact her by email or call 717-737-7876.

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