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Stargazing: The great outdoors opens up to people with disabilities
Four Corners Algonquin offers 'glamping' with all-terrain and beach wheelchairs and support workers stay free.
When your child says 'I don't like my body,' how do you respond?
Talking to kids about body size and weight is tough. A new research-based Holland Bloorview guide suggests when, how and what words to use.
Study of Grade 4 students finds most have adopted deficit view of disability
Grade 4 Windsor, Ont. students were most likely to define the word 'disability' as a disadvantage, according to a qualitative study published in Disability and Society.
Social worker is 'the glue'
that keeps families together
'I like being that touchpoint for families, allowing them to talk through their emotions and stressors, and come up with their own strategies and supports.'
A tale of disability and dreams in a refugee camp
When Stars Are Scattered is a brilliant graphic novel that centres on the relationship between two Somali brothers in a refugee camp in Kenya.
A one-page infographic is a great way to introduce your child to others
Explaining your child to doctors, teachers, friends and family can be exhausting.

That's where an information graphic (infographic) comes in handy. This one-pager combines images and a little text about your child, their disability, and what they need to thrive.

Holland Bloorview has created online learning modules to show you how to create your own infographic. Here are the basic ideas:

What are the main messages you’d like to share? These will form the text. They should be short, easy-to-understand and focused on what you want the reader to do.

For example, an All About Me page for school might include a brief description of your child, their disability, their strengths, and a few tips on how they learn best.

In the workshop, you'll find a 'main messages' worksheet you can download, and links to free design programs that will help you lay out your images and words.

Check out the Holland Bloorview infographic modules.

I've had 15 people reach out as a result of the article Families of group-home residents fight 'barbaric' COVID-19 restrictions. Fifteen families who have been suffering through these restrictions alone, and have now found a community.
Pamela Libralesso, online
SickBoy podcast interviews Nick Herd
We loved this SickBoy interview with Nick Herd, a Toronto artist, actor and fashion designer who spoke about life as a gay man with Down syndrome.
'It is so important for children to know that being a little bit wobbly or different doesn't stop somebody from achieving greatness.' For ages 9-11.
Rosie Jones, British stand-up comedian and author
'Emily is tired of always playing goalie during floor hockey because she's in a wheelchair. When one of her classmates volunteers to play goalie, Emily jumps at the chance to try a new position.' For kids aged 5-7.
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