Town Ordinances Update

The Zoning Committee will conduct a public hearing at 5:30pm, Monday, June 12 at the Community Center to take public comment on proposed updates to the "Zoning", "Travelway" and "Mobile Homes & Manufactured Housing" ordinances.

The Town Board will consider adopting  updates to its Code of Ordinances at a meeting at 6:30pm, Wednesday, June 21 at the C ommunity Center. Updates will pertain to the following:
  • Chapter 1, Zoning***
  • Chapter 2, Travelway***
  • Chapter 3 Mobile Homes & Manufactured Housing***
  • Chapter 4, Seasonal Road Weight Limits*
  • Chapter 11, Dog Licensing & Control**
  • Chapter 12, Accommodations Tax***

             *  New ordinance

            **  Update to existing ordinance

           ***  Rescinds and replaces existing ordinance

All of these ordinances can be viewed on the "Ordinances" page of the town website.

Proposed New Chamber of Commerce Building
Requires Elector Review 

The Chamber of Commerce has been working with the Town Board to develop a plan to replace and enlarge the Chamber Office (Information Booth).  The plan includes a 30-year land/building lease between the Chamber and the Town.  Wisconsin Statutes require such an agreement be publicly discussed with the electorate prior to implementation.

The Town Board will conduct a public review of the proposed 30-year lease for the new Chamber building and land at 5:30pm, June 21 at the Community Center.  Eligible voters are encouraged to attend.
Community Center and
Red Brick Schoolhouse
Facilities Study

Funktion Design Studio will present its recommendations for how these buildings can be used to meet  town space needs  at the June 12, 2017 Town Board Meeting.  Conceptual drawings of recommendations will be presented at the July 10 Town Board Meeting with the consultants final report due July 28.

Progress on this study is being tracked on the "Red Brick Schoolhouse - Community Center Study" page of the town website.
     Invasive Weed Control in Lost Lake
The  Lost Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District obtained a permit from the WDNR to apply an aquatic pesticide to approximately 30 acres of Lost Lake this spring.  The chemical treatment was performed near the dam on the SW side of lake in late May.  Repeat spring treatments are likely for several more years to effectively control a well established population of high density curly-leaf pondweed.   
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Thanks from your Town Board of Supervisors