Hello Alice,

With only two days to go we are in the final push!

Here are the links to the state campaigns working to represent us in Bethel:

Tim Gavin- State Senate 28

Jeff Desmarais- State Senate 32

Phoebe Holmes- State Rep107-seebelow

Raghib Allie-Brennan- see below

Governor Ned Lamont website:

Congresswoman Jahana Hayes website

Senator Richard Blumenthal website

It's not over until it's over,

The Bethel Dems

There is plenty to do for Raghib's re-election campaign.

A message from Rebecca Hussey:

Hi everyone! It's time to get ready for Election Day. Below is information on how you can help:

  • We need people at headquarters (262 Greenwood Ave.) making phone calls through the day Tuesday to make sure people have voted. These are easy calls to make, as we are calling the Democratic base, the people most likely to be Raghib supporters. If people aren't home, you can leave messages. We have phone numbers of people to call at headquarters, or you can use this list and call people from home: https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/94E465Q-763910
  • We are looking for people to keep Raghib company while he spends time at the various polling places. As Raghib will be moving around during the day, the best way to find out where he is at any particular point is to text him at 203-241-6034. If you can, stop by headquarters to pick up signs and then head out to the polls.
  • We are looking for people to bring food and drinks to headquarters for our gathering in the evening to wait for election results. Whoever is able to help with this, feel free to drop your donations off at headquarters during the day or bring them with you in the evening. We will be at headquarters at 8:00pm to wait for election returns. 
  • We have more campaign materials for people to drop off at people's houses throughout the day today and tomorrow (Monday). All you need to do is pick up campaign materials at headquarters, drop it off at your assigned doors, and that's it. If you have questions about this, just let me know.

Feel free to text or call me at 203-241-8478 if you have any questions. Let's make one last push and get Raghib re-elected! Thank you!!


Phoebe Holmes for the 107th

Phoebe on Facebook


Tim Gavin for State Senate

Tim on his website- choose volunteer: https://www.gavinforctsenate.com/


Facebook page

Stay in touch by seeing what you can do for each of the campaigns

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