Saturday, February 9, 2019

Experts are dismayed at the American Psychological Association's ideological and unscientific new guidelines.

Reducing, reusing and recycling is important. But a narrow focus can blind us to the real global problem. 

Intersectional social media mobs are cancelling promising writing careers before they begin.

A complex history of cultural battles explain the unstoppable modern warfare on the east coast of Africa.

An American history professor argues that if the academy fails to tackle hard questions, others will come up with answers we don't like.

A lighthearted take on the dreary business of getting a foothold in the muddy ground of a liberal arts college.



"People generally seek psychologists in moments of vulnerability. It is plain vicious to seize on that vulnerability for the sake of advancing an ideology. Ironically, the APA’s mercenary approach to the culture war—a war in which they have no business taking sides—exemplifies the destructive and ruthless qualities they wrongly attribute to honorable men everywhere."

The Oscars without any host?

That's like avocado without any toast


Who Controls the Platform?
A multi-part series

A former employee gives a rare inside look at the culture of the tech behemoth and how its troubling policies are effecting everyone.

The CEO of the social media platform Minds discusses the futility of censorship and argues that open source and crowd ownership are the future.

The CEO of Gab, a social media company that has been criticized for its adherence to the principles of free speech, explains why the company is sticking to the plan.

More Free Speech in Tech:


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