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So reads the business card from Limbus, Inc., a shadowy employment agency that operates at the edge of the normal world. Limbus's employees are just as suspicious and ephemeral as the motives of the company, if indeed it could be called a company in the ordinary sense of the word.


In this shared-world anthology, five heavy hitters from the dark worlds of horror, fantasy, and scifi pool their warped takes on the shadow organization that offers employment of the most unusual kind to those on the fringes of society.


One thing's for sure - you'll never think the same way again about the fine print on your next employment application!



Publishers Weekly- "This shared-world anthology about a mysterious metaphysical employment agency is pleasingly consistent in tone. The execution and intriguing theme leave the reader wanting more."


"In this initial volume of a shared-world anthology, five authors provide their takes on one-of-a kind jobs that are not always survivable. VERDICT: Though the employment agency frame might not seem compelling, the stories cut to the heart of sf, fantasy, and horror." -Library Journal


"Get street level in crazy town. Limbus, Inc. finds a new kind of noir." -Weston Ochse, author of Seal Team 666.


"Limbus, Inc. is a brilliant concept that lets writers share a world while allowing their imaginations free rein. Ethridge, Mayberry, Nassise, Petty, and Talley take full advantage of all that creative elbow room and serve up some tasty stories. Do not miss this." -F. Paul Wilson

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