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The DDS FS-1200
New, Game-Changing Technology 
for High Speed Hybrid Inkjet Printing

At the Print 17 show last fall, we demonstrated the Document Data Solutions FS-1200 print system, utilizing Fuji-Samba printhead technology. The unit in our booth produced 1200 dpi output at 1000 feet per minute for the duration of the event. Lots of people stopped to watch. Our outstanding quality and speed impressed many owners of other inkjet technologies. Folks were intrigued with the concept of a scalable printbar from 1.7" to 27" wide eliminating the need to stitch multiple printers together to accommodate wider print widths.

All the interest at the show didn't surprise us. The FS-1200 stacks up favorably against established units in the marketplace and delivers tangible benefits to professional commercial printers and direct mailers considering an upgrade. We knew this device addressed all the issues and concerns printers had about the printheads they used in their businesses every day. The FS-1200 is a big improvement over existing print systems.

The FS-1200 printheads are not consumables that require constant exchange or rebuilding. They will last for years saving you time and money. Other printhead technologies require users to send printheads out for refurbishment after a certain number of operational hours. The time limit applies whenever the unit is powered on, even when it is not printing. Still other manufacturers use printheads designed for onetime use. They too must be routinely replaced. The FS-1200 is nearly maintenance free.

Unlike most inkjet systems, operators do not have to routinely change printheads with the FS-1200. This frees up production time. Users can spend more of their day generating revenue and less time maintaining their inkjet devices. A quick start-up process also contributes to productivity; a 30-second purge and wipe when starting a print run and the FS-1200 is ready to go for the day.

Users can choose scalable printbar widths from 1.7" to 27". Buy only the width needed for your applications. Eliminate time wasted on stitching together images from separate printheads aligned in separate lanes. Ongoing registration problems throughout the print run can become a thing of the past.
Together with the DDS IJPDS Controller, the FS-1200 can easily displace legacy equipment. We can reuse existing mounting rails and dryers, making for a quick and simple upgrade.

DDS equipment is built to last. With no need to rebuild or routinely replace printheads, users will realize operational cost savings for years. To learn more about how to replace your inefficient and expensive inkjet devices with the economical DDS FS-1200, call us today!

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