Yesterday we had a glorious day at church and at the picnic which followed. People came from afar to worship with us and we gathered once more as a community, offering ourselves to each other and to building up the church. The worship was great, especially the music offered by our young people. Thanks to Jane Offner and others, we had our picnic right on our front lawn! It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, the food delicious, and there was a sense of joy and a gathering of hearts which felt holy and true. Thank you to everyone who joined us! To view photos of the day, please visit our website and check out our photo gallery and post (

We also did two very special activities: began painting our “Little Food Pantry” so we can offer food to those in need, and we hung our welcome banner, so that all people passing by will know we are living out the gospel of love here.

With joy, Mother Barbara