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Four red wolves play at Wolf Haven
Four red wolves play at Wolf Haven

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May 3, 2017

Tecumseh _ Angel

Tecumseh and Angel

One of the most beautiful things about life at the sanctuary is watching the transformation of our wolves as they settle into their new lives. Even more beautiful is watching a new "friendship" blossom and grow. Case in point: T and Angel.

Tecumsheh (aka "T"), a high content wolfdog, was surrendered to Wolf Haven in 2016 when the couple that purchased him from a breeder could no longer care for him (sadly, this is often the case - what do you do with a wolfdog you no longer want?) T struggled to fit into Wolf Haven after his once anthropocentric life. We have worked really hard to show him that things at the sanctuary are more animal centric. While humans are still part of his daily routine, we try to let him just "be" as much as possible.

In October we rescued Angel, a seven-year old female gray wolf, from deplorable conditions. Angel is gregarious and social and she has been the perfect anecdote to T's wariness.
The two have become inseparable. Whether  engaged in play or rest, they are usually close to one another. T has become quite possessive and protective of his new friend. Often we see him with his tail straight up (something we never saw early on) as he confidently patrols his enclosure, posturing at his neighbors across the way. Despite his displays, it's actually Angel who runs the show and T seems content to let her take the lead. A perfect match!

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