Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Do you require your lab floor to be portable for future moves or reconfigurations?
This was a valid question before Covid. During Covid and beyond, it has more bearing as organizations expand and contract depending on circumstances. So, portability becomes a very large issue when purchasing lab flooring.

When you choose a glue-down option for flooring, you sacrifice portability. Glued down tiles can’t and shouldn’t be removed and used again. There are flooring products available--like our FreeStyle BioLock--that utilize an interlocking system so flooring can be moved should your lab or clean room need move to another location.

Portability is but one question that should be asked when purchasing lab flooring. Answers to this and other questions you might have can be found in our ebook, Checklist for Replacing Your Laboratory Floor. To download your copy, click on the button below.
The Science of a Lab Move
Our interlocking flooring gives lab facility managers some options when it comes to moving a lab--whether that's in the same facility or to a new location. Moving an entire lab is a much larger proposition. You can click below to read an article on the science of a lab move by one of our vendors who specializes in that sort of thing.

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