November 19, 2020 | Issue 201

I hope you are doing fine these increasingly colder days! I do pray for you with thanksgiving in my heart, for your fellowship and friendship in the Lord. Many are feeling the “backwash” of this long and trying ordeal in which we find ourselves. In my younger days, on some of the grand beaches of Africa, we often found ourselves observing the massive approaching waves of the sea. The waves would “crash” on the seashore and then begin to charge back down the beach and back into the ocean. This “backwash” could be so dangerous and had the potential to sweep a person out to sea. In some ways, we are in a huge “backwash” with the election so unsettled and with Covid still in full force.

Every day I put out a very short thought on social media. This week I stood next to a stream and shared Ecclesiastes 1:7 “To the place where rivers flow, they shall flow again!” Be encouraged, my friends. Hold the line! Stand firm! Trust the Lord in every way. Gather yourself in worship. Come to church in person or make certain you worship with us all on-line. Continue to be faithful in the giving of your tithes and offerings to the Lord Jesus because of Him. Serve Him with all of your heart.

These past two weeks at The Bridge have been so incredible as hundreds of people have been served through OVERFLOW! Scores of volunteers have stood alongside our wonderful team at The Bridge. Yes, turkeys have been given away by the dozens, but many have given their hearts to Jesus and hundreds have seen faith in action. This ministry at The Bridge is a gift God has given to us, and He is multiplying His grace and love through your tireless efforts for Christ.

Like you all, I so look forward to the day when Covid just vanishes from our lives. But, during this time of uncertainty, I intend to stand firm for Christ. I am so blessed to know our church family is standing firm and strong.

This Sunday we will culminate the series in Ephesians 6 with an incredibly powerful subject - OUR ULTIMATE FORTIFICATION. God’s Word will show us where to go ultimately and why this is so amazing.

Stay tuned, stay focused, stay strong - in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I cannot wait to see you with your Bibles in hand.

Your friend and pastor,
Don's Signature

PS. Here is some happy/sad news to share. After such a wonderful and deeply meaningful ministry with us in our counseling ministries and with our wonderful single adults, Dr. Keith Phillips (and Norma Lynn) have sensed the Lord’s leading to retire at the end of this year. What incredibly faithful servants in every way. How much we love them and deeply honor them as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Good and faithful servants of the highest order!
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2- Watch and Interact via chat - FaceBook or Livestream  
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Believe it or not 2020 will soon be over. This has certainly been an eventful year, but God has been faithful to bless the ministries of First Baptist Spartanburg. Our church family has also been faithful week after week to give so generously and we thank you for your generosity. As we near the end of the year, this is a time when many of you will make your largest gifts. As you think about your giving, there are many options you can consider:

1.  We will continue to collect tithes and offerings at the end of each service.
2.   Online giving (one-time or recurring) through our Realm giving platform at is available 24/7. Currently over 40% of all gifts are given online.
3.   Vision 2020 - this is a great time of year to make an extra gift above your tithe to prepare for the relaunch of Vision 2020.
4.  If you would like to give stock, please call our Business Office and they can tell you how to have it transferred directly to the church.
5.  If you are over 70 ½ and have to take a Required Distribution from your IRA, talk to your tax advisor about how you can send that directly to the church and save on taxes.
6.  If you prefer to mail in your gift please send it to 250 East Main St. Spartanburg, SC 29306.
7.  This may also be a good time to review your will and considered how you can bless First Baptist by establishing a legacy gift through your estate. Visit to learn more about how our partner, Philanthrocorp, can confidentially help you plan through this process at no cost to you.

Church History as Christmas Gifts
Looking for a great Christmas gift? Did you know we have a pictorial journal of our church’s history? First Baptist Church of Spartanburg is 181 years old and those years are filled with God’s faithfulness through the years. This makes a great gift for all ages. Seniors will love reminiscing, middle agers will see a chronicle of their growth, and children will love so many pictures. Now is the time to get yours.
           Books are $30 and can be picked up in the church office or security desk. Call ahead and we’ll have your copy ready for you. Don’t miss the best gift ever. In fact, why not get one for yourself as well!
Carolina Christian Writers Conference
Have you ever wanted to write a book but just didn’t know how to get started? Here’s your chance and you don’t even need to leave your house!
           The Carolina Christian Writers Conference 2021 will be held March 12 and 13 online. All classes will be easily accessible through Zoom. Our faculty will be available for private appointments virtually and you will also have the opportunity for small group meetings as well as keynotes and more. Price of the entire conference is just $125 and includes all the sessions. This year we will be recording sessions, which also will be available for purchase by attendees. If you would like to join the mailing list so you don’t miss any updates, contact
We are excited to share inspiration and information every day from FBS both online and on our Social Media. You will find a Daily Encouraging Word from Dr. Don on Instagram, Facebook and our Website around noon each day! Online at and on all our socials- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are opportunities to stay connected! 
Follow us and join the conversation all week long!
Join Us THIS FRIDAY in Cobb Hall at The Bridge for
The time has come again for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child donations! This year we have two options on how you can give.
Option 1- For those interested in building a shoebox online, visit our FBS online giving page HERE to get started on this easy, do-it-from-home, way to give. If you are in need of some additional assistance on how to build a shoebox online, please watch this video as it walks you through the process! 
Option 2- Should you choose to build your shoebox yourself, we will have boxes ready for pick up at the Welcome tents every Sunday morning after service. During the week, you will be able to stop by the security desk at the Welcome center to grab one as well. 
Your donation of a shoebox will help not only bless the life of a child, but also help spread the Word of God. Please help us make this the best year of giving ever!
The Woodlands Preschool
"from little seeds grow mighty trees"
Be an Encourager...Join the team where Christ makes the difference in the lives of His children every day! 
TKD Families we want to stay connected with you. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thekiddepot. Also join the remind text by texting @tkdupdates to 81010. God built us for community no matter where or how we can come together. Thanks for allowing us to partner with you on this parenting journey!

The Education Ministry is busy working toward helping our Life Groups continue doing life together in a world where we cannot actually be together! We are contacting every Life Group and talking through a strategy to continue community and fellowship through online platforms, email, text, and phone calls. This will be an exciting time to discover news ways to stay connected and on mission.
If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defense? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as a "kinsman - redeemer" was usually a close relative. If you're a believer, you already have one - Jesus Christ! This rich study shows how Jesus both bought us (redeemer) and advocates (defends) for us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives. For more information and to register for this study contact Shelly Mabry at
We Are Senior Adult Ministry
Because we love you, our ministry team is committed to walk with you through this challenging time.  We are here to:
  1. Listen 
  2. Pray
  3. Share Jesus
  4. Talk
  5. Encourage
Be assured, we will be reaching out to you. Though the church meetings are not taking place on campus you can reach out to us any day by calling 864-583-7245. After hours, also connect with live prayer lines at 1-877-443-2273 or visit our website at

 Jesus is here for Us All!
We are here for You All!
So far in 2020, 490 people have made decisions to accept Jesus through the broadcasts of 
The Encouraging Word!
Join us in praying for more to accept Jesus as Lord
Receive the Daily Encouraging Word, catch us on Social Media, or Request Prayer! Learn More

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For Daily Bible Study 
Dr Wilton's Encouraging Word daily devotional is available free of charge in a number of ways! Via email at It is also recorded Monday through Friday and can be listened to at 864.764.1462 . If you would like a physical copy of your own- call 1-866-899-WORD (9673). 

Spartanburg Surgery Center 
Michael Hamrick
Booker Harmon 
Homer Brown (Patty Smith’s father)
Bonnie Tubb (proc 11/20)
Kay Thomas (proc 11/30)
Ambulatory Surgery Center
Marge Woodruff (proc 11/19)
Urology Center of Spartanburg
Phil Barone (proc 11/19)

(All Residents are on the "At Home Neighborhoods" list)

Spartanburg Rehab Institute (SRI) 
Lana Merrill
Betty Leagan (Marvin Leagan's grandmother)  
SRH - Mary Black Campus (Rehab) 
Danny Stephenson  

Jean Ivey - Hospice Care at White Oak North Grove
Lula Bell Clark (Katherine Good's sister) - Hospice Care at Home
Elaine Horne (Judy Norman's mother) - White Oak North Grove
Mannie Horton - Hospice Care at Home
CR Rhinehart - Hospice Care at Home
Jean Fields - Hospice Care at White Oak Webber Rd.
Jerry Neal - Hospice Care at Home 


Family of Richard Loberger (Michael Loberger's brother) who passed 10/14
Family of Monica Huminski who passed away 10/17
Family of Jodi Hickey (Lisa Hansen's mother) who passed away 10/21 in Iowa
Family of Bill Hayden (Mary Jane Wells' brother) who passed away in N. J.
Family of Frank Smith who passed away 10/23
Family of Fred Gossett who passed away 10/25
Family of Ralph Warlick who passed away 10/27
Family of Sarah Vander Meulen (Dick Vander Meulen's granddaughter) 10/27
Family of Mary Jane Wells who passed away 10/28
Family of Roger Johnson (Bob Morgan's BIL) who passed away 11/2 in GA.
Family of Walter "Buddy" Garrett (Lou Malone's brother) passed away 11/9
Family of Charles Bruner who passed away 8/31
Family of Randy Johnson (Corbin & Rachael Johnson's father) who passed 11/12
Family of Ruth Smith Parks (Carol Crocker's mother) who passed away 11/14
 Molene Childers, Cathie Cheatham, Curtis, Caroline & Grace Hood, Jim & Elaine Mann, Miles Brock, Doug Dills, Dot Calvert (Jimmy Smith's friend), Family of Geraldine Clark (Jimmy Smith's friend), Mirth Bolton, Kathy Meador, Gina Hinds, Gerry Wakeland (Linda Gilden's friend), Stephanie Benton & Tiffany (Bobby & Angie Ramsey's daughters), Mike & Teresa Epperly, Phillip Painter (Eugenia Painter's brother), Stanley Lyda, Ruth Anne Anthony (Karen Kingsmore's mother), Jean Johnson & Betsy Fee-Elliot (Charlie & Cindy Miller's friends), Eli Wright (Jane Willis' family), Lynn Thomas, Caroline Dominesey, Chrissy Lancaster, Family of Rose Maree "Rita" Myers (Mark Foster & Juli Foster's aunt), Hannah Welborn Deahl, Eugenia Painter, Annie Fleming (Bonnie Hammond's granddaughter), Charlie Lowery & Lynn Lowery (Jean Lowery's children), Debbie & Roy Smith Jr., Mark Smith (Roy Smith's friend), Pennie Wood (Dianne Smith's sister), Madlyn Berkland, Rev. Steve Foster, Gene Johnson, John Kaiser (Barbara Dickey's father), Mary Hall Edwards, Kevin Lagerholm, Kimberley Behr (TEW viewer), Rev. Buster Ball, Nicole Page, Greg & Betsy Whisnant, Family of Ray Pegram (Susan Burdine & Kelly Banks' uncle), Kaye Lawson, Jolene Waldrop, Janice Jefferies, Nate Mead (Rebecca Jones' friend), Brian Bishop (Susi Smith's friend), Mitch Byers (Susi Smith's father), Dot Calvert, Jimmy L. Trousdale (Bonnie Tubb's brother), Ted Huminski (Mark Huminski's brother), Juanita Byers, Faye Johnson & Vicki Dailey (Joanne Carter's family), Johnny & Susan Gamble (Audrey Hampton's friends), Rebecca Jones, Edward Pennebaker, Angela Humphries, Ali Humphries & Morgan Lemieux (Angela Humphries' daughters), Debra Whitaker, Jenny Johnson, Susan Simmons, Jeremy Thompson , Billie Huskey (Suzanne Merritt's friend) 
MPACT Partners with birthdays and
anniversaries in November

Owen (SeA) 11/2
Patrick (SIL) 11/15
Isabella (SeA) 11/20
Amy (CA) 11/21
Todd (SeA) 11/27
Ben (CA) 11/30

Lt. Caleb Robinson, US Navy - Guam
PFC Luke Redding, US Army - Ft. Sill, OK
Matthew Dorfman, US Army - S. Korea
Brandon Duke - US Air Force - Jordan 
Joshua Ruff, US Marines - Camp Lejeune, NC  
Minister on Call:  For assistance, please call 864.583.7245 Option 6 

At Home Neighborhoods / Care-Pray-Visit
Members in Asst. Living /Nursing Facilities as Residents
Ashlan Village
Miriam Vickery
Peggy Gilliland 
Brushy Creek Cottages in Greer
Martha Turner 
Cascades Verdae - Independent Living
Len & Kay Carroll 
Chandler Creek Village
Norma Jean Lagerholm
Eden Terrace
James Ballew
Jim & Elaine Mann  
Suzanne (Suzi) Smith 
Grady Stewart 
Jack Tyner 
Joyce Ward  
Mildred Fridy 
Fairview Asst. Living - Simpsonville
Mary Prichard
Harmony at Five Forks - Simpsonville
Jason & Winnie Huffmaster
Inverness on Country Club Rd
Peggy West 
*Easley Nursing Home
Carolyn Crowe
Lakewood Senior Living - Boiling Springs
Betty Heatherly  
Magnolia Manor Inman
Samuel Lee Perry
Peachtree Nursing - Gaffney
Ellen Verbeck 
Rolling Greene - Greenville
Sally Hutcheson
Homer & Mary Jo Brown      
Ruby McDowell  
Betty Toney
Rosecrest - Independent Living
 Loretta Cassell  
Geneva Schwink
Steve Satterfield, Sr. 
Madge York 
Summit Hills Asst Living
Lib Woolbright 
Summit Hills - Independent Living   
Linda Arnold 
Bill & Ruby Jeffords Sr.
The Terrace at Lakewood - Independent Living
Betty Medford  
The Waterford at Columbia
Jane Littlejohn
The Terrace at Lakewood - Independent Living
Betty Medford     
Valley Falls Terrace
Juanita Byers
Wesley Court Asst. Living, Boiling Springs
Helen Young
White Oak Nursing, Webber Rd.
Rose Poole
Jean Fields   *Hospice Care at White Oak Estates    
White Oak Asst. Living Webber Rd
Jo Ann Adams
Margaret Kirby 
White Oak - Independent Living
Harriet Baughman
Sara Hall
Ellie Mabry
Jim Miller
Bill Osteen
Jean Phillips
Pat Tate
Eula Williams
Marge Woodruff
White Oak, Northgrove
Mirth Bolton
Hoyle Brown
Jean Ivey  *Hospice Care at White Oak Northgrove  
 Louise Keesler 
White Oak Manor- East Pearl St.
Sara Duncan
Winsor House - Greenville
Christine Woodsby       
Woodruff Manor
Dee Bolton 
Our FBS "At Home" Residents enjoy your care through cards, calls & visits. Please contact the church office if you have any updates. 864-583-7245 or by email to
This list contains members who are residents in nursing & assisted living neighborhoods. Please let us know when someone is in the hospital or a facility for rehab so they can be added to the "Let Us Pray" list. If someone is living "At Home" independently they will be listed through their Life Groups and Deacons.

First Baptist Spartanburg
(864) 583-7245