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SelecTech joins Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE)
Some things just make sense. Take, for example, SelecTech joining the Boston chapter of the Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE). 

Facilities engineers just seem to get us and have been huge proponents of our FreeStyle and StaticStop products. A lot of this stems from our work with labs and cleanrooms where facilities engineers have appreciated the portability of our interlock products. Facilities engineers have also been big fans of use of FreeStyle flooring with access flooring and the design flexibility that offers.

We started our membership by having a booth at the AFE New England Trade Show last month in Westford, MA. We met a lot of great people and are very excited to participate in more events in the future.

If you’re not a member, you may want to consider visiting an event. You can find out more about this national organization by clicking on the button below.
The SelecTech story
SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli recently wrote an article for IndustryToday. The article, "A groundfloor opportunity for a recycling company" tells the story of how SelecTech came into existence and evolved into a leading green flooring manufacture. Check it out.
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