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The growth mindset and investing in your teams

by Cyndi Wineinger

Happy February! In the month set aside for love, let’s talk about why we love developing leaders so they can coach others to create dynamic strategic plans. 

We want people to love their work, their teams, and the process of leadership.

Leadership is not just a role; it’s a journey of continuous improvement and growth. We understand the challenges you face in steering your company toward success, and we’re here to support  you.

Research continues to support the importance of providing opportunities for people to grow and STRETCH

Retaining and developing top talent is a priority for any forward-thinking organization. Our coaching and training have proven to be instrumental in not only retaining valuable team members, but also fueling organizational growth.


In fact, companies that invest in leadership development are 3.5 times more likely to retain their top performers.


Coaching and Leadership training for today's in-demand skills.

We offer customized training covering crucial topics, including change management, culture activators, and leading high-performance people. Reach out for a complimentary 30-minute call to learn more.

For those on the journey of self-awareness (who have completed a Birkman), we have free training to support your growth.

If you have taken the Birkman Assessment and want a better understanding of your report, Cyndi has created fantastic videos to help you interpret your results.

Culture fuels strategy in a thriving business. And that's precisely how we help clients succeed. Working with mid-size, growth-oriented companies, we bridge the gap between culture, strategy & implementation. Stretch co-founders Cyndi Wineinger and Darcy Bien also serve clients through The Wineinger Company and Partners in Change.
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